8 Men Reveal The Little Things They Do When They Think They’ve Found Their ‘Forever’ Girl

1.“I put in so much more effort when I realized that I met the person I was destined to be with forever. I knew that I couldn’t slack off. I knew that I couldn’t take it for granted. I knew that I had something special, and I wanted to do whatever it took to make sure that I would never lose it. I was lucky; I know. And I always reminded myself just how hard I needed to work to make sure that I didn’t let a good love go to waste.”

– Kevin, 30

2.“With my soulmate, my approach to sex just completely changed. In the past, I had always been all about making sure that I was getting everything that I wanted out of a woman. And I knew that that was completely selfish of me. But I didn’t care.

I pleased women and I made sure that they had a good time. But it was all because I wanted them to do the same for me; to give me a good time as well. But when I met my soulmate, I didn’t care about getting anything in return. I just wanted to pleasure her the best way I knew how. I learned to put her own sexual happiness over my own needs.”

– Tyler, 29

3.“It wasn’t a sudden realization. It was a very slow and gradual one. But I had noticed over time that I was changing who I was for the better. And that’s when I realized that I was really with someone who added value to my life; someone who made me want to be a better man. When I met my soulmate, it was as if my eyes were opened to everything that I could be in life. And I was inspired to always be more than I was. That’s what she did for me by walking into my life.”

Thomas, 27

4.“ In the past, it used to be just me looking out for my own self. I was working hard for the sole purpose of preparing myself for my own future. I was buying everything that I could have ever wanted. I was very selfish and I was always just thinking of myself.

But when I met her, everything changed. I started saving up my money because I knew that we needed a strong foundation to build a family with. I was no longer just thinking of myself at that point. I had to take my girl’s future into consideration as well. And I was completely fine with it.” – Steven, 29

5.“I allowed myself to become uncomfortable for her. And that was the major change that I made to my life when I fell in love with her. I used to always just act out of convenience for everything that I did. If something was inconvenient; or if something made me uncomfortable, I never took part in it.

I wanted nothing to do with it. But when we got together, I understood that I had to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had to put myself in inconvenient situations sometimes just so I could bring more convenience into her life.”

– Anthony, 33

6.“Growing up, I was never really exposed to an environment where it was okay for me to let loose on my emotions. I never really found it comfortable to express myself to anyone. It’s as if I was always secretly encouraged to just keep everything bottled down inside of me; to bury all of my feelings. But all of that changed the moment that she stepped into my life.

She made me want to be vulnerable. She made me want to open up. I gave her the keys to my heart, and I knew that it was a decision I would never ever grow to regret. And she hasn’t let me down yet.”

– Aaron, 40


7.“I made sure to integrate her into every aspect of my life. I introduced her to all of my friends and family. I exposed her to all of my favorite passions and hobbies. I let her read all of my favorite books and watch all of my favorite movies. And I did the same for her as well. I immersed myself in her world. I wanted to find out about every single aspect of her life. And until now, I haven’t stopped. It’s a continuous learning process, and it’s never been like this for me with any other person in this world.”

– Kyle, 29

8.“I started to structure my life more. I was no longer just living life from day to day. When I met her, I knew that I wanted a future with her. And so I just stopped coasting. I made a decision to really plot my life out; my future with her was very important to me.”

– Jerry, 35