9 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Worth Keeping And That You Should Be Treating Her Better

She’s a keeper.

Don’t ever take a nice girl for granted. You are going to end up regretting it when she gets fed up with all of your bad behavior. You should always make it a point to treat your women like the princesses that they are. Never be disrespectful or unkind towards them especially when they are always kind and respectful towards you. Remember you might be the bad boy who lands the good girl, but you’re not going to keep her if you don’t change your ways.

So how do you know that you’re not treating her the way that she deserves to be treated? Well, you would have to be a complete idiot not to know how. But in case you are a complete idiot, then this article is for you. It doesn’t take much to spot a good girl. And it also doesn’t take much to spot if you’re not treating her the way that you’re supposed to be treating her. Here are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for to determine if she’s a good girl that you are treating terribly.

1. She is always quick to reply to your texts even though you never respond to her.

She never wants to keep you waiting because she deeply values your time. She wants you to know that she would always be there for you whenever you call her even though she can’t say the same about you. You can always rely on her to be there for you even though you’re pretty unreliable yourself.

2. She is always nice to you even when you are rarely nice to her.

She always treats you nicely because she is a decent person who loves you deeply. She always knows that human beings are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect even when they’re human beings like you. You just don’t care about being nice to her unless you actually need something.

3. She is always excited to see you even though you keep canceling on her.

You keep on blowing her off but she keeps coming back for more. She loves spending time with you because she is helplessly in love with you. She would carve substantial time out of her schedule just to be able to accommodate you. But you’re just going to keep on letting her down. You build her hopes up only to disappoint her in the end.

4. She doesn’t see love as a game but you still keep trying to play her.

She’s not treating whatever you have as a game. She wants so much for it to be real. She isn’t interested in playing around at all even though that’s all you seem to be interested in.

5. She is always giving 100% effort in the relationship even when you don’t give any at all.

She is fully invested in this relationship. She has poured her entire heart and soul into trying to make things work between the both of you even when you do nothing for her. She is always trying to compensate for your lack of effort no matter how hard it is for her to do so.

6. She is always giving you her attention even though you only ever give her yours when it’s convenient.

Whether convenient or not, she is always going to be ready to give you all of her attention. She doesn’t expect anything in return. She only wants to give you her attention because she wants to cater to your every need the best way that she can. It’s unfortunate that she can’t expect the same kind of devotion from you.

7. She still makes an effort to get close to you even when you keep pushing her away.

She is trying the best that she possibly can just to break down all of the walls that you keep putting up between the both of you. She wants to be able to break through your walls so that she can connect with you on an emotional level. You just keep refusing to let her in, but she is always going to end up trying even harder.

8. She still keeps believing in you even though you always betray her trust.

You keep on betraying her. You aren’t worthy of the trust and belief that she keeps giving you, but she keeps on giving it anyway. She hopes that someday you will recognize all of the effort that she’s pouring into the relationship and maybe you will realize that she’s the real deal.

9. She is always looking out for your happiness even though you are the source of all her sadness.

She would do whatever she can just to make you happy. You make her sad more and more with each day that passes by but it doesn’t matter to her. So as long as she’s making you happy, she is going to feel fulfilled.

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