9 Ways To Weed Out A Toxic Man Before You Let Yourself Fall For Him

Have you ever been with a toxic person?

There are just far too many girls who fall victim to this kind of guy over and over again: the toxic guy. He’s the one who seems all nice and amazing at first. He’s the one who acts like a complete sheep who only has pure intentions for you. But the truth is that he’s a wolf and he’s looking to victimize you in ways that you can’t even imagine. He is despicable and you should always make it a point to steer away from having a relationship with this kind of man. Unfortunately, it’s not always going to be easy.

These toxic men are usually masters of deception. They are so good at hiding their despicable souls at the start just to get you to trust them, and then they will start to slowly wreak havoc on your lives the moment that you allow yourself to be vulnerable to them.

And by then, it might be too late. You’ve let them in. And the deeper that you let them penetrate your soul, the harder it will be for you to break away from them. That’s the reason why so many people continue to stay in their toxic relationships. It’s a lot harder than it looks to just detach yourself from that kind of situation. So you have to make sure that you put a stop to things before it even gets to that point. For the sake of your own well-being, you need to stay guarded and be on the lookout for this kind of toxic behavior. You don’t want to end up as a victim of a toxic relationship. That has the power to emotionally scar you for life. You don’t want to forever taint your view of love just because you were reckless and ignorant.

So keep yourself armed with this information. Always be on the lookout for these signs. The more that you know, the better you will be able to defend yourself. So just try to remember these 9 signs that a guy is probably toxic and you have to do your best to stay away from him.

1. He acts overly confident and forward with you without even asking for your name first.

He is too full of himself. It’s as if he assumes that you’re just automatically going to fall for your charms. It’s obvious that you’re not the only girl he’s tried this with before and he has probably victimized so many women in the past already. Make sure that you only ever really entertain men who are respectful and gentlemanly.

2. He makes use of cheap and tacky pickup lines in an unironic manner.

Some people will make use of funny pickup lines as a means to just break the ice; to inject humor in the situation. But sometimes, you can really tell when men take these pickup lines too seriously and it just becomes pathetic.

3. He automatically expects you to make it easy for him.

Always make a man work. He shouldn’t feel so entitled right away in a relationship. Not to say that you play hard-to-get on purpose; but you shouldn’t be tolerating him if he thinks that you should be making yourself easy for him.

4. He has an immature fashion sense.

Don’t date a man who doesn’t have a decent wardrobe composed of quality shirts, pants, and shoes. If he’s wearing gym shorts and oversized tees all of the time, then you shouldn’t be taking him seriously at all.

5. He has zero cooking skills.

Well, not all men know how to cook like Gordon Ramsey. But they should at least know how to do the basics of cooking. A man won’t be able to take care of you if he doesn’t know how to cook.

6. He doesn’t really ask you out on dates.

He doesn’t want to court you. A man who genuinely wants to get to know you would ask you out on real dates.

7. He doesn’t have a stable relationship with his family.

A person who has serious family issues is a person whose issues you don’t want to take on for yourself. It can be particularly troubling if you know that he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to get along with the rest of his family.

8. He obsesses over your looks and appearance.

It’s obvious that he’s only after the physical pleasures that you can provide him if he’s only ever complimenting you for how you look. Never date a man who can’t seem to go beyond the surface.

9. He surrounds himself with terrible kinds of people.

They say that your personality is the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. And so, if you notice that his friends are just terrible company, it’s likely that he’s a terrible human being as well. You can tell a lot about a person by the company that they choose to keep.

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