The Difference between the Girls I’ve Dated and the Woman I’ll Marry

The differences are massive but true!

Don’t judge me when you read this article. I am writing this article just so that women can have an idea about how men would treat women they want to make their Mrs. I want you to know how we treat women we date differently from the one we would marry. I have dated numerous women; it ended because we weren’t compatible. I also have many female friends; I have never been a womanizer. To this day, I have respected every woman in my life. You might think that it’s the same thing but let me be brutally honest, it’s not. We men are shallow sometimes and this is just about as pathetic as we get. Most men will not admit it but trust me when I say this, most of this will be true for 90 percent of the men out there. If you have been unfortunate enough to be with the wrong men over and over again, you will definitely see a pattern here.

1. My wife should look jaw dropping every time we head out

If she looked particularly good or had her hair done or something, I sort of liked it and complimented her but that’s not the way I feel about my future wife. I let the women I dated do their thing, I wasn’t particular about anything. I didn’t feel that it was the right thing to do. She could show up in pajamas and I wouldn’t care less.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love my wife for who she is. I wouldn’t change a thing about her but when we go out, I want her to look stunning, I want to flaunt her and show her off. I want the world to know that she is the hottest chick in town and no one is getting any of this. So yeah, unless and until we are going through a crisis, she better look banging on date night!

2. I am going to share everything with her, no matter what

I never had a habit of discussing anything personal with the women that I have dated. I never told them about my finances or family. I will not tell them if I am upset about something and that’s that. In short, I just didn’t trust them enough.

When it comes to the woman I’d married, boy oh boy, she should know me better than I know myself. I would not only share all of my secrets with her, I will tell her my pass-codes and passwords. She would be the type of a person who would finish sentences for me and represent me everywhere. I would trust her with my life.

3. There is a huge difference in our bed life

With most of the women that I dated, sex life would be good but not amazing. I definitely respect what we had in that moment, but I was less conscious about performance and would end things when I felt like it. I would care about her but not be obsessive about what we do in bed.

I will die to please the woman I’d marry. I would worry about performance, of course, because I want to blow her mind off. I would want to please her in every way. I will make every sexual encounter special, I would take my time with her in bed.

4. Most of you might not like me because of this, but it’s true!

I am just going to say it; I don’t like spending money on women who I am just dating. If she is going to fall in love with me, it better be me and not my pocket! You would be surprised on the amount of women that stick around when you keep your wallets separate. I am not going to throw away a bucket load of money on a person that I’d probably see once or twice before things start to fall out of place; also, I am not cheap enough to spend on a woman just to get in bed with her. To me, just the thought of that is stupid.

The woman I’d marry would be such a keeper. I will allow her to spend my money the way she wants because I trust that she will value my money as if it were hers. We would go on vacations, expensive restaurants and shopping. I would love to choose dresses and shoes for her, take her to the parlour and spend on her. I would spoil her in the most beautiful ways.

5. My wife should be a pain in the ass but the woman I am dating should be open minded

The woman I am dating shouldn’t be much concerned about who I am texting or talking to over the phone or social media. She should respect my privacy and I will respect hers. She should be open minded about the fact that I have female friends and that I hang out with my male friends all the time, she should not be restricting me from making my decisions. I would let the woman I’d marry check my phone whenever she wants. I will give her full authority to befriend my female and male friends.

This way, we both would be able to hang together, that is if she wants to. I will respect all the decisions she makes even if it means that she wants me to cancel my plans and give her time. I want her to be on my tail and I want her to be jealous sometimes. I want her to be annoying in the cutest of ways. I want to have arguments with her all the time and I want her to be a tease. Dear Girls, if the guy you are dating is doing at least one of these things it might mean that you are very special to him, don’t blow it!

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