10 ways to repair your relationship after cheating

A Posted 3 years ago
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It's time to undo the damage and try salvaging anything you can.

No matter how short lived it was, being unfaithful has a devastating impact on even the strongest of  relationships. The feelings of guilt, remorse, self hate are too strong to even think of continuing the relationship but instead of ending the relationship in the heat of the moment and regretting it later, here are a few ways to help you rebuild your relationship after cheating:

10. Take responsibility

Okay so you messed up.. it was a one time thing (I hope it was *eye roll*).. The first step towards cleaning up your mess is to acknowledge that it is your mess! Accept your mistake, don't  hurt your partner more by making excuses and trying to justify yourself. Be willing to be accountable for your mistakes.

9. Give your partner some time to cool off

They're angry, they're hurt, if they're me they want to rip your head off. Give your partner some time to calm down, let them cry it out, scream, hit whatever. No discussion is going to make sense to them at this time. So, give them a little space.

8. Ditch the escapist attitude

The cat is out of the bag.. what now? Avoid all communication from your partner? Let things be?  No. You can't run, escape or hide from your problems... Well, you can for a while but that will never solve anything. Instead of carrying a ghost around.. face it. Stop seeing infidelity as a relationship death sentence. Be willing to fix the damage and communication is the key. Prepare yourself to talk about, discuss it, repair it.