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  • 15 Signs you’ve found your soulmate

    We are all waiting to meet our one true love, or putting it into one word, our soulmate. If you are in love and wondering if you have found the right one, or single but interested in someone; then you might want to check for the following signs in your partner, this might help you to think clearly about them.

    15. Your gut feeling says so

    We have all been blessed with this sixth sense, which we don’t appreciate enough, but it has the ability to warn us of any possible danger before it even happens, similarly it can give you a ‘this is it’ feeling, you just know it in your heart that it’s going to be a good thing.

    14. You two have been around before

    Call it a kinky coincidence, but sometimes soulmates have been in the same place at the same time, without being aware of it, you might even see them each day but it all goes unnoticed, till you guys actually meet. Its only after you know them, you find out how close you two have been.

    13. You share comfortable silences

    This one is really important, when you are in each other’s company, it is not always necessary to have a conversation to make you feel like you two are connected, you can just silently lie with them and it’ll still be a special connection that you have, there are no awkward silences. You feel peaceful with them.