16 Expectations That Women Should Have In Relationships

A Posted 3 months ago
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Ladies, do you have these expectation?

1. Expect him to offer to pay on the first date, but offer to split the bill too.  

It’s all about gender equality. Expect him to be a fine gentleman, but be a modern woman too. Offer to split the bill with him.

2. Expect him to hold the door open for you, but say thank you afterward.

Again, expect him to be a proper gentleman, but you should also reciprocate his gentlemanly ways by being a fine lady as well.

3. Expect him to always reply to your text messages swiftly, but don’t freak out whenever he’s too busy to do so.

Understand that he has other priorities that may require his attention and he may not be on his phone the whole time.

4. Expect him to live up to your standards, but stop comparing him to your exes.

You should always have a set standard for the men you date, but understand that they are their own person.

5. Expect him to be patient with you, but be patient with him as well.

You aren’t a perfect woman and you are bound to have a few screw-ups here and there. So expect him to be patient with you, but you have to be patient with him when he’s the one who stumbles.