6 Huge Mistakes Women Always Make In Relationships

#6. Some women don’t let anyone penetrate the shell they have created around themselves.

Have you ever met a couple that seems so perfect that you believe they have never fought in their life? Have you ever seen a couple so perfect that it makes you want to wish the same for yourself?В  But when you see the couple after some time and you see that they are not the same anymore, you start to wonder what went wrong with them and you start to feel bad that if something can happen to such a perfect couple then what hope do the rest of us have?

In a relationship, perfect disaster comes when errors are made on both sides. It is never fully the mistake of the man and neither is it the complete mistake of the woman. Both the parties play an equal part. Here, we will concentrate more on the problems, or rather the mistakes, that women sometimes make in relationships which can lead to a disaster.

I would want to clear yet another thing in this case, it is very easy to say that only women make mistakes. This is never the case, because men also make mistakes. We always think that a small fight is nothing to worry about but in some situations, a small fight leads to a bigger disaster. A small problem can make both parties angry at a level that they do not want to compromise and when they would not want to compromise, they would keep on fuelling the fire.

So let’s start pointing out those mistakes that women make.

  1. Not knowing one’s own value:

This mistake is made mostly by women who are less dominant and more towards the submissive side. We all know that there is a certain level of respect that we need to maintain for ourselves, that level of respect is important to maintain because it keeps away those who are trouble. Many people have observed that women tend to get attracted towards men who do not treat them as good as they deserve to be treated. Many nice men ask others why it is so that women are attracted more towards those guys who are not so nice to them. This is where women make a mistake when they do not know their own value. That is when they would not be able to successfully maintain a relationship.

They would always try to be the submissive one and not confront their partner over this problem. There should always be equality in a relationship and if a woman does not maintain that quality and chooses to be submissive, then that would be the fault which would lead to a disaster.

2. Some women rely a little too much on their dominant side:

Women who are quite dominant and successful in the professional side are usually observed making this mistake. They should not let that side handle every aspect of their life including their personal life with their partner. There are a few men who do not like to be too dominated or who do not like to spend their life with control freaks. Sometimes, it is easy to let go of things which are not much of a bother. At the same time, it is okay to let go of things which are not worth spending so much energy on.

If you are a control freak, then start practices which could help you in relying lesser on your dominant side.

3. Some women don’t understand the functioning of men:

Both genders are different, which is why men sometimes do not understand how women function and at the same time women do not understand how men function.В Try not to get too bothered by the way men like to spend their time. If you let yourself get too bothered, then you would eventually get into an argument and that would be of no point because it is more like asking someone to go against their nature and follow what you want them to follow.

4. Satisfying some women is very hard:

Some women are perfectionists or they are naturally really hard to satisfy. Take it easy, maybe? When you become a really hard person to satisfy, then eventually you become a really hard person to live with. Maybe due to initial factors, a man may start to like you and even fall in love with you but then, things would get too difficult if you would be really hard to satisfy.

5. There are a few types of women who don’t like to share:


They say that sharing is caring. If you want to show someone that you care, you have to share things with them. When you would not show the level of care you have, then the person would think that they are not as important to you as other things in your life.

Sharing is something which makes the bonds stronger.

If you are sharing things with your partner that will make your partner feel special and that is how he would care more for you. He would want to be with you even more and hold on to the relationship. Avoid this mistake because not sharing is something you prefer to do to people you do not love.

6. Some women don’t let anyone penetrate the shell they have created around themselves:

We all have our little secrets but there is a difference in keeping a secret and not letting anyone know you. Some women tend to make an invisible shield around themselves and they do not want to let anyone penetrate it. They do not like to share their personal thoughts, their feelings and their emotions with their partner. This creates a barrier between the two souls. When you love someone, you let them know you inside and out. Women who tend to keep their shells strong and firm usually end up in getting into fights. Their partner gets confused and doesn’t know where he stands in his girl’s life. So that eventually leads to problems

It is okay if you have been making some of those mistakes, but it is never too late to change things. It is never too late to improve and it certainly is never too late to say sorry.

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