Why Nice Guys Stay Single

A Posted a year ago
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THIS is the reason why nice guys stay single, and then people complain about nice guys not existing anymore.

Yes, we know! Always the nice guy and never the partner.

What is it about the nice guys that women find so repulsive? Well, maybe it’s because women want to be with someone who takes risk and who is fun to be around. Thrill is a very important component of every relationship and “nice guys” just cannot provide them with the much needed mental and emotional stimulation.

Women labeling someone as a “nice guy” is just their way of politely saying that the particular gentleman is not their type. Once you are labeled as the nice guy, you will automatically be seen as someone boring and predictable.

There are various psychological reasons why nice guys stay single:

  1. They Play Nice

Nice guys play by the rules. They always follow the societal norms and are never out of line. Moreover, they do not take risks and that is why, become mundane and predictable. Women, especially in 21st century want thrill and excitement in their relationships and nice guys are always unable to provide it with their rule-following nature.

What to do about it?

Learn to take risks when it comes to dating. Take her to an amusement park instead of a formal dinner. Kiss her on the first date. Tell her that she has a nice body without worrying that you will offend her. There are countless ways that you can show the risk-taking side of your personality.  - Continue reading on the next page