You Deserve Someone Who Goes Out Of Their Way to Make It Obvious That They Want You in Their Life

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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What causes us to give in, to stop trying?

It’s in our nature as humans to give up. We hold up the “I Quit” board when a door closes or is about to close. We give up or we settle, giving ourselves all the reasons in the world as to why we are doing it. We settle for sadness instead of fighting it, we settle for abuse instead of acknowledging it, we settle for every other thing in life that we think was meant for us. We often don’t fight back; that is just what we need to change, because settling for less is exactly what we do not deserve to do.

In a split second, our heart decides that the doors about to close in on us are too far away to run to or too strong for our weak hands to hold back. In a matter of seconds, we accept our surroundings, give in to them and forget about our power to ask or fight for more. Our self-esteem bows down a little bit more every time we give in to our own boundaries; boundaries that are not even there, or anywhere at all.

What causes us to give in, to stop trying? Nothing but our will that has been damaged by people who made us realize that we do not deserve anymore than what they are giving us, people who induced the idea of sufficiency in our hearts and minds, people who lack aspirations; people who are a hindrance in achieving the never-achieved, people with a limited imagination and no inspiration of their own.

When you receive something less, especially love, and are told to settle for it, don’t. When you are told to expect a little less and are given a reason that has to do something with being ‘realistic’, throw that opinion away. Love is one of the few things in the world which cannot be counted, love is something you can never have ‘too much’ of. It is the sweet smiles in the morning and pats on shoulders at night, it is the melody of a flute and the thuds of a drum; it is the king of all emotions yet the most fragile of all. We are concrete and love is abstract, that is why we need every ounce of it, to soften our hearts and to soothe our souls. . - Continue reading on next page