10 Affectionate Text Messages That You Should Be Sending Your Partner

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It’s perfectly normal for you to crave for attention especially from the people who mean the most to you. In a sense, you would want to develop a level of intimacy and affection with someone to the point where you would want to be spending most of your time together; and where you would always be missing one another when you’re apart. Fortunately for us, technology has bridged the gaps in communication that are brought about by distance. Just because you’re not physically present in each other’s lives doesn’t mean that you can’t be communicating with one another anymore. However, the regular I miss you text message can get old really quick. Like with anything in life, it’s always important to inject a little spontaneity and freshness in the mix. You can’t just be all about the I miss you game when you text your significant other. You have to be able to mix things up just to keep things fresh.

Of course, it might seem to take away from the sincerity of your text message if you take some of these message templates and use it on your partner. But you shouldn’t look at it like that. It’s just that some people are much better with words than others. If you’re a modern-day Shakespeare or Hemingway, then you probably won’t need this article. But if words aren’t your strong suit, then you can use this article as a guide to help you take your texting game to the next level. Just because you needed help in forming your words doesn’t mean that your love is any less valid.

So what are some text messages that you could be sending your significant other to make them miss you more? How could you possibly be more creative with your texts just to catch their attention more effectively? Well, here are a few ideas that you could potentially try out on your partner.

1. I got your laundry done for you!

Let your partner know that you got their chores done for them on their behalf. It’s always nice to know that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make their lives a little easier. So when you send them a message like this, it would make them grow more affectionate towards you.

2. I was just thinking about our first date.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool and you shouldn’t be afraid of using it in your relationships. Text your partner and make them nostalgic about the early days of your relationship. Sometimes, the best way to build affection with one another is to go back to your roots.

3. Insert a memorable quote from a movie or a TV show that you both enjoy.

You are both going to have your shared interests and likes, that’s for sure. As a couple, there are probably a couple of movies or TV shows that you are both obsessed with. Strengthen that feeling of familiarity between the both of you by quoting a memorable line from a movie or show that you both like.

 4. Hi. Just thinking about you!

It’s basic, but it’s effective. You don’t always have to be telling someone that you miss them to make them feel wanted. Even just the mere idea of you thinking about them at a random time would be enough.

5. I’m bringing home some of your favorite food.

Food is a powerful tool, much like nostalgia. If you use it effectively, it could potentially bridge a lot of gaps in your relationship. Never underestimate the power of letting food bring you closer to your partner.

6. It’s so cold. I want to snuggle with you right now.

Physical intimacy is great. But the thought of getting physically intimate with one another is just as exciting. This is a more subtle and more innocent approach to expressing one’s desires for physical intimacy.

Why use words when a picture can get the job done just as effectively? Just make sure that your partner is actually the type of person who is comfortable 

7. Insert a rather attractive (or sultry) photo of yourself.with being sent these kinds of photos first.

8. I want to do it with you right now.

This is a less subtle and more direct approach to expressing your physical intimacy. Sometimes, aggressiveness is the way to go. It all depends on the character and the personality of your relationship.

9. I had a good day today, but I wish you were with me.

This is a great message to send your partner when you want to maintain your individuality while simultaneously expressing your affection as well. You are saying that you don’t need them to have a good day, but you also know that they could make your days better.

10. Insert your truest intentions and feelings here.

And lastly, the best text you could send your partner is an honest one. Stop worrying about the prose and the linguistics of it all. Just write something that is from the heart and your partner will appreciate it. 

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