10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

Falling in love with your best friend is THE BEST RELATIONSHIP!

A lot of peoplewould be understandably hesitant to dive into a relationship with their bestfriends. That hesitation is perfectly reasonable. Having a best friend is agreat blessing. When you put your healthy friendly relationship at risk byinvolving romance, things can get a little messy if things don’t turn out asplanned. Not only will you have failed at a prospective romantic relationship,you may risk losing a best friend as well. But for some people, that’s a riskthat they are willing to take. There are some benefits to dating a best friendthat could potentially outweigh the risks for a lot of people. Here are a fewgreat things that happen when you choose to get into a relationship with yourbest friend.

1. You don’t have to suffer the awkwardness of getting toknow each other.

You already knoweach other pretty wall. You don’t have to go through the awkward getting toknow you stages of a traditional relationship. You don’t have to feel shy orawkward around each other at all. You can skip all the early awkwardness thatcomes with starting new relationships and go straight into being comfortablewith each other.

2. You don’t feel the need to suppress your true self when you’retogether.

You know eachother so well because you’re already best friends. In a typical datingscenario, you would try to suppress yourself. You wouldn’t want to reveal allparts of yourself to a person that you’re just getting to know because you’reafraid you might scare that person away. However, with your best friend, youcan feel at ease with being your normal self.

3. You know the nuances of each other’s lives andpersonalities.

You know eachother so well. You know what makes each other tick. You know the things thatwould make your best friend upset. You also know the things that would makeyour best friend happy. You know what to do to bring balance and harmony in therelationship because you are both so familiar with each other’s personalitiesalready. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You don’t have to go through the hassles of having tomerge social circles.

You don’t haveto go with the usually awkward and complicated rituals of having to mergesocial circles. You don’t have to introduce your partner to your group offriends, and you don’t have to go and meet your partner’s closest pals too.That’s because you are both probably already within the same social circles.

5. You don’t have to hide your flaws and imperfections fromone another.

You have bothspent so much time with each other. You are both probably very much exposed toone another’s strengths and weaknesses. You know that you are both incrediblyflawed people but that doesn’t matter much. You both believe that you havegreat chemistry and you both love each other so much despite the fact that youknow that you’re flawed people.

6. Spending time with each other is easy because you’ve doneit a million times before.

There are noawkward silences. There are no ruts. There is no monotony. You are best friendsand you don’t really require much to have fun with each other. It doesn’tmatter what you’re doing or where you are. Just as long as you are in eachother’s company, you know that you are going to have a good time. You find itso easy to spend time with each other because of your best friendship.

7. You are probably well past the meet the parents stage.

Both of yourparents probably already know who you are. There’s no need to go through theuncomfortable and nerve-wracking experience of having the partner meet theparents. It’s as simple as telling your parents that you’re already dating eachother and that your best friendship has blossomed into something more. – Continue reading on the next page

8. You are going to have a relationship that is full oflaughs and humor.

Granted that youare both already best friends, you probably love the fact that you spend somuch time with each other. You are both already very comfortable with beingsilly around one another. Your quality time together is always spent laughingand cracking jokes.

9. You’ve been through hard times together as friends and soyou know how to overcome difficulties.

You’ve both hadyour fair share of fights and difficulties. You have had your bad experienceshas friends. But still, you managed to overcome them. You both know that youhave a bond with each other that is difficult to break. You know that youremotional connection would be enough to overcome whatever obstacles are thrownyour way.

10. You literally get to date your best friend.

What could bebetter than having your best friend become your life partner? It all feels sonatural and organic. You are ready to face the world together because you knowthat it’s always been like that. You have each other’s backs and you would bothwillingly take a bullet for the other. 

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