10 Bad Texting Habits Which Mean That He’s Wrong For You

There is really only so much that you can do when it comes to drama in a relationship. A lot of the time, getting into a relationship with someone means welcoming new drama into your life whether you want to or not.

Yes, you can always talk to your friends and your family about the problems in your relationship. You can try to confide in them about the issues that you might be dealing with. But then, ultimately, you know that you’re always going to have to solve the problems in your relationship on your own. You know that it’s always going to be up to you and your partner.

And sometimes, that drama can manifest itself through the texts that you send one another. In fact, a lot of people would argue that dealing with drama through texts can be a lot more annoying than having to deal with issues face-to-face. At the very least, during a face-to-face argument, you would actually be able to sit down and have a real conversation with someone without the risk of having anything misconstrued or misunderstood.

But when it comes to texting, it’s an entirely different animal. Sending a text message to your partner is always going to be a very important aspect of any modern relationship. There are plenty of relationships that start through texting, but there are just as many relationships that end as a result of a wrong text being sent out as well.

It’s a double-edged sword, really. You can get closer to someone through texting especially if you’re just meeting them for the first time and you want to be able to maintain communications despite being apart from one another.

The way that you text one another can be very telling of the state of your relationship. If you have good texting habits, then it speaks of the health and the strength of your relationship as a whole. But there are also certain text messages that, when sent, can be indications that your relationship is toxic and is about to end. Curious about what those text messages might be? Then just continue to read on until the end of this article.

1. He texts you that you’re just being crazy.

He never really validates any thoughts or feelings that you have. He doesn’t entertain you whenever you want to get something off your chest. He acts dismissive of the emotions that you have and he just tells you that you’re being crazy.

2. He gives you vague answers to the questions that you ask him.

He tends to give you a lot of vague answers whenever you ask him about his life. There are clearly aspects of his life that he doesn’t want you to know about.

3. He only ever texts you late at night.

This is a common indication that he’s only after your body. Late-night texts, when done exclusively, are usually for booty calls.

4. He texts you only to ask you for favours.

He only ever texts you to ask you for favours. It shows that he’s just using you. He’s milking whatever he can out of you. He texts you only to ask you to do things for him. But if he can’t benefit from you, he just ignores you.

5. He only texts about himself and his own life.

He doesn’t really ask you questions about your life. He doesn’t try to make an effort to get to know you better. He’s only just interested in talking about his life and never about yours.

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