10 Body Language Signs That Show She Is Falling For You

A person’s mouth can say a lot of things, but if you pay enough attention, a person’s body language can say a whole lot more. There is truth in the cliche that actions do speak louder than words. And if you pay enough attention, you can pick up a few things from a girl even when she’s not saying anything. A lot of times, a girl will play hard to get to test if you’re willing to work at winning her heart.

However, just because she’s not admitting her interest in you, there are ways you can tell that she’s slowly falling for you. Just pay attention to her body language and you’ll discover some things you might not have noticed before.

1. She is prone to fidgeting.

A girl who is falling in love with a man will always be feeling restless. That is because love can be quite the energizer especially when it is in its youngest and most innocent stages. If a girl is always fidgeting whenever she’s around you, it’s because she is trying to manifest the romantic energy that is slowly building up within her.

2. She makes prolonged eye contact.

If a girl has a tendency to shift her gaze away from you, then that means she is uncomfortable with being around you. She’s not open to the idea of having you look into her soul. It’s a way for her to guard herself against your advances. However, if a girl is comfortable with making prolonged eye contact with you, then that means she’s very comfortable with you.

3. She is always casting a smile at you.

Smiles are the clearest manifestations of joy and happiness. If a girl is always smiling at you, it means that you make her happy. Women always tend to smile at the things that they are attracted to, and in this case, they are very much attracted to you. On the other hand, if frowns and pouts are frequent expressions whenever you’re together, then that’s definitely a bad sign.

4. You hear that she talks about you to other people.

Why would she be mentioning your name to other people at all if she weren’t interested in you? However, you should be wary. If it’s bad feedback that you’re hearing about yourself, then that really isn’t a good sign for you. But if it’s only good stuff that you’re hearing, then it’s definitely time to rejoice and be glad.

5. She opens up to you about her life.

Not all girls are going to be willing to open up about their most intimate thoughts and feelings to just anyone. A lot of girls will be secretive and discreet when conversing with people they’re not comfortable with. So if your girl happens to be opening to you on a more intimate level, then she’s subtly letting you know that she’s comfortable with you and that she wants to get to know you better as well.

6. Her cheeks turn red whenever she’s with you.

Blushing can betray a person’s stoic nature in a heartbeat. The moment she starts turning red in the face, then that’s her body’s way of coping with her intense feelings for you. Don’t make her feel bad for whenever this happens. Be charming and kind about it, and let her know that you find it very sweet.

7. She makes herself available to you.

If a girl lets herself be available to you, then that’s her way of saying that she’s very interested in you. Otherwise, if she didn’t think that the two of you had any potential, she wouldn’t be open to going out on dates with you. She’s only giving you a chance to woo her because she thinks that you have what it takes to be the man of her dreams.

8. She lowers the pitch of her voice when talking to you.

Studies have shown the females will lower the pitch of their voice when they are conversing with men that they are interested in. This is meant to convey intimacy and endearment to the listener.

9. She picks up after your quirks and habits.

Studies have also shown that people tend to mimic or imitate the things that they are most attracted to. If you notice that she starts picking up some of your quirks, catchphrases, or habits, then that means she’s subconsciously trying to emulate who you are as a person. She does this because she’s interested in you.

10. She makes an effort to spend time with you.

Not all girls would go out of their way just to accommodate you in their life. As human beings, it is only natural for us to make time for the things that are most important to us. That’s why whenever a girl makes an effort to actually spend time with you, then that means she’s definitely interested in getting to know you more.

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