10 Classic Mind Games Narcissists Play In A Relationship

Let’s talk about how some people in relationships can play tricky games. These games can make the other person feel confused or tired. It’s like a secret plan to control things. From making things seem different to staying silent, these are the tricks. We’ll explore ten common tricky games that some people play in relationships. It’s like shining a light on these sneaky moves so we can understand them better.

1. Gaslighting

Ever felt like you’re losing your grip on reality? That’s the cunning game of gaslighting. Narcissists twist facts, deny the obvious, and make you question your own memory. It’s like a mind maze where they hold the map, leaving you bewildered and doubting yourself.

2. Silent Treatment

Picture this: you’re in a heated discussion, and suddenly, silence. Narcissists excel at the silent treatment, a power move to manipulate emotions. They withdraw, leaving you in an anxious limbo, desperately seeking their approval or attention.

3. Projection

It’s like a movie, but the narcissist is the director casting their flaws onto you. Through projection, they attribute their negative traits to you, creating confusion and frustration. Suddenly, you find yourself defending against accusations that were never yours to begin with.

4. Love Bombing

At first, it feels like a fairytale. The narcissist showers you with affection, compliments, and attention. However, it’s a manipulative tactic called love bombing. Once you’re hooked, they pull back, creating a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving you craving the highs of their initial affection.

5. Victim Card

Narcissists are masters at playing the victim. When confronted, they skillfully flip the script, portraying themselves as the injured party. It’s a cunning move to deflect responsibility, leaving you feeling guilty and questioning your own motives.

6. Future Faking

Picture a future filled with dreams and promises, only to realize it was a mirage. Narcissists excel at future faking, painting a beautiful picture of what could be. However, these promises often crumble, leaving you disillusioned and wondering what went wrong.

7. Smear Campaigns

Narcissists aren’t just playing mind games with you; they’re also masters of manipulation outside the relationship. Through smear campaigns, they tarnish your reputation, spreading lies and half-truths to turn others against you. It’s a strategic move to isolate and control you.

8. Guilt Tripping

Narcissists are adept at using guilt as a weapon. They skillfully manipulate situations to make you feel responsible for their emotional state or problems. Through guilt tripping, they gain leverage, ensuring you remain compliant to their wishes out of a sense of obligation.

9. Monopolizing Conversations

Ever tried to share your thoughts only to be overshadowed by the narcissist’s grandiose tales? They excel at monopolizing conversations, steering the focus back to themselves. This not only reinforces their self-centered narrative but also diminishes your voice and importance in the relationship.

10. Discard and Devalue

The final act in the narcissistic playbook – discard and devalue. After building you up, they suddenly devalue and discard you, leaving you emotionally shattered. It’s a power move to assert dominance and maintain control over the narrative of the relationship.

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