10 Clear Signs There’s Serious Chemistry Between You And Your Life Partner

This isn’t your ordinary Chemistry class. ⚗️

Chemistry in a relationship isn’t necessarily going to be the same as chemistry in the scientific world. Chemistry in relationships can’t necessarily be quantified. They can’t be measured with tools or numbers. Chemistry in a relationship can’t be conjured up in a lab. But it’s a different sensation entirely.

The chemistry you feel in a relationship is the kind that gives you some kind of emotional high were being around one another just manages to lift you off the ground and take you up to the heavens. There is chemistry between you and your partner whenever you start to feel that attraction within you.

You don’t necessarily see it with your eyes. Nor can you taste it with your tongue. But it’s a feeling that just transcends the body’s traditional senses. You feel chemistry with a person whenever your heart rate starts to quicken and your body starts to warm.

A lot of people are going to be misled into thinking that all it takes for a relationship to work is love. That’s a load of baloney. All around the world, millions of couples who are in love are still prone to breaking up. Because the truth is that love alone is never enough to sustain a relationship. Love alone can’t solve all of a relationship’s problems. Love alone will not be enough reason for two people to stay together forever. There are many factors that go into determining the longevity of a relationship, and love only plays one part of it.

One of the most important factors and one that is often overlooked in determining the success of a relationship is compatibility. Compatibility is the ability of two people to merge two separate lives into a single entity without minimal resistance. And a lot of what makes two people compatible with one another is chemistry. Sure, you could be in love with someone. But if you’re just incompatible and if you fail to have chemistry, you are bound to give in to the dysfunction of your relationship. Your love will not be enough to save you from the toxicity that stems from your incompatibility.

So that’s why along with making sure that you’re really in love with one another, you also have to ensure that you have a relationship with great chemistry. And how do you do that? Well, you just have to continually work on building a connection with one another every day. But you have to know that sometimes, not even your greatest efforts will be enough.

So how do you know if you and your partner are actually compatible with each other? How do you know if you actually have chemistry? Well, here are a few signs that you can take note of.

1. You both feel like you’re alone together even when you’re in a crowded room.

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Even when you’re in a crowded room or in a public place together, the both of you can still feel like you’re in an intimate and private setting. You still feel like you are both alone and that you can be completely yourselves because you have each other.

2. You share common interests and passions.

You won’t have difficulty finding common ground with regards to your interests because you are passionate about the same things.

3. You have unfounded mutual respect for one another.

Respect is just plain essential in strong relationships. This needs no further explanation, really.

4. You are always comfortable with being honest with each other even when it’s inconvenient.

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You both know that you have a strong and deep emotional connection with each other when you feel comfortable just telling one another the truth at all times. You would feel more uncomfortable with lying to one another.

5. You both place each other on equal footing.

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No one is above or below in the relationship. You see each other as equals; like true partners.

6. Time seems to fly by whenever you spend time together.

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You lose track of time whenever you’re together. You have so much fun that time just almost ceases to exist.

7. Neither of you are withholding of physical intimacy.

You don’t mind coming off as clingy or needy with your partner when it comes to physical intimacy. You know that both of you are always going to welcome the other with open arms.

8. You both share a similar sense of humor.

You laugh at the same jokes. And the best part of having a similar sense of humor is that you make each other laugh as well.

9. You can be comfortable spending time with each other in total silence.

Quality time for the two of you doesn’t always have to be exciting. Even just sitting in silence alongside each other is enough for you two.

10. You never run out of ways to have fun with each other.

Regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going, you always know how to have fun as long as you’re with each other. You find great joy and happiness in just being with one another. You are both so happy with whatever time you get to spend together.

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    1. My wife Julia and I have been married since 2013 and have been together since 2011. Together, we have two children and five pets and we own two homes. But this year has been pretty Rocky for the both of us, because of me. I did not talk to my wife before outprocessing from my old unit (mainly out of fear of getting in trouble with my leadership). Then in October, I became a victim of a scam involving gift cards…and the scammers claimed to be from “PayPal”. And then I messed around and bought a fixer upper of a house, something that my wife and I did not want. Now my wife wants us to sleep in separate rooms once the house is finished. Am I too late to save our marriage?

  1. The most important thing is that relationship is based on principles one has, that’s what’s keeps us going

  2. Even when you both are in the open place you won’t still notice it
    That is the power of relationship

    1. Priorities change and so do people. One needs to constantly evolve in a relationship. Communication is the key and the understanding of a commitment. I strongly feel if someone leaves we must let them. Not only it creates space for someone better but also sets the other person free and us in the process of suffering a relationship with someone who doesn’t want it.

    2. The words spoken in anger crushes the beating heart to smithereens. When action repeat like a pattern, chemistry will settle and physics (walk off) hits harder and clearer. #worthless

    3. As days go by, clarity on who lived a lie is painted in high definition. Habitual lying is repeatedly seen in an outcry. Fool’s paradise.

  3. The guy needs to buy a dog. His GF will ultimately turn on him. He’ll be upset for at least a week. This behavior is fun at first but it can turn on them. Then it’s over. Men need a trusted partner not a plaything. We’re adults.

  4. I think that another great thing about being in any kind of a relationship, is that the two of them have to be comfortable, with being around each other. They would have to NOT take the other person for granted. They have to have unconditional love for one another. And include each other, in any outdoor activity, or going to visit with one another’s friends & family. They should NOT cheat on each other and think that it’s ok to do. And don’t hide anything from each other.

  5. When we were young we bought a fix me up ,while we lived in it I remodeled it down to the 2X4s , we had 2 young children growing up with us then. I think our relationship became stronger.

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