10 Clear Signs That You Have A Bond That Is Built To Last

Sometimes, when you know, then you just know. There are some relationships that are so special that you would just be able to tell that the two of you have what it takes to make something special here. You understand just how difficult and unlikely it would be for people to be able to make a relationship last. There are so many couples out there who break up for a variety of reasons. You always know that when it comes to love, the odds are stacked against you.

But once you know that you’re with the person who’s right for you, the odds don’t really seem to matter. You are with the one you know you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, and everything else is just irrelevant at that point. You know that you have something special with someone if you exhibit the following signs:

1. You always have fun with one another regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, the two of you always manage to find a way to have fun. You are always going to enjoy the companionship and the camaraderie that you share as a couple. It’s always a fun and enjoyable time that neither of you might be able to explain. It’s generally a positive atmosphere whenever the two of you get together.

2. You stay honest and open with one another about everything.

There is no dishonesty or deception in the relationship at all. You are always going to stay honest and true to one another at all times.

3. You never walk away from a fight or argument.

Neither of you would ever be willing to walk away from an argument or disagreement. Whenever there are issues in the relationship, the two of you are always quick to act on it. You would never be shy about just laying your feelings on the table because you know that this is essential to making a relationship work. You don’t just sweep your problems under a rug.

4. You support one another no matter what.

Regardless of whatever paths the two of you might embark upon in life, there is always going to be a steady stream of support from your partner. You know that you have someone who is always going to have your back the same way that you are always going to have theirs.

5. You make sacrifices and compromises for each other.

You never shy away from taking a backseat for the sake of the relationship. You willingly make sacrifices just so the needs of the relationship are never compromised in favor of your own selfish desires.

6. You laugh a lot in your relationship.

You both understand that even though it takes a lot of effort in order to make a relationship work, neither of you take it too seriously. You don’t take the relationship for granted, but you don’t put too much pressure on yourselves either. You are always looking for a way to still laugh and have a good time together. You enjoy each other’s company so much.

7. You always respect one another.

Respect is something that the two of you always make sure to maintain in your relationship. You would never act disrespectful of one another at all. You will always make it a point to treat each other humanely and respectfully. You do this because you both understand that your partner’s dignity is always going to be of priority status.

8. You motivate and inspire one another to be better.

You are always motivating and inspiring one another to be the best possible versions of yourselves. You both understand and accept each other in spite of whatever flaws or limitations that you might have. But that doesn’t stop either of you from trying to become better for the sake of your relationship. You are always doing whatever you can to become a better human being for your partner.

9. You never fail to show appreciation for one another.

You understand that it’s always important to be showing each other just how appreciative you are of each other’s efforts. You would never take each other for granted in your relationship. You always manifest your love for one another to the point that you both feel validated with everything that you bring to the table.

10. You always trust each other.

When it comes to trust, there is just no shortage of it in your relationship. The two of you always know that you are able to trust, rely, and depend on one another to be there no matter what. Trust is always going to remain as a constant in your relationship no matter how long the two of you stay together as a couple.

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