10 Clear Signs Your Girlfriend is Angry at You

For those who can’t take a hint…

Being with someone in a relationship enables you to read and analyze them with all their good and bad moods. You also get familiar at what ticks them offespecially this. Or at least you think you are, for everyone expresses anger differently.

You wouldn’t know that easily what you did or didn’t do which ended up incurring your girl’s wrath. It’d be easier if you just ask her, no? Except that she wouldn’t give it away that easy; and you’d get nothing beyond the usually dry I’m fine. But when she’s silent in her upset mood, try to look for those hidden signs. The following 10 signs your girlfriend is angry can give you some direction to do that.

1. She stops being the first to get in touch

    Women are often the first one to contact you and start making plans for the day. They will call, text or email you if they aren’t there with you. If they are, they come to you themselves and get the morning’s greetings done nicely. When your girl is mad at you, she won’t bother making first contact. You won’t hear from her at all. And if you make contact with her, she won’t make an effort to reply.

    2. Her responses are terse

      When everything is cool between you two, her responses seem like a novel you’d enjoy reading late night. But when she is angry at you, those responses will be reduced to a simple yes, no, hmm, okay kind of thing. And that’s when you need to realize the silence is an answer too.

      3. She responds late, if at all

        For a woman who spends a lot of her time on the phone and such, she’d reply instantly. If she’s taking too long, there is something troubling her and so, she spends those first few minutes debating whether to reply to you or not; too pre-occupied with her worry as she is. And then you hear from her at last, which she only does out of kindness. Continue reading on next page

        4. She participates less

          Whether it’s being up and about doing your favorite things together or talking about mutual interests if your girl is there all silent, know that she is angry. Not participating in things that once interested her is a major sign that she isn’t in her element. You should be concerned when she doesn’t express the desire to talk to you about anything, like she always does.

          5. She becomes sarcastically happy

          When you don’t notice your girl isn’t entirely happy, she will pretend to be happy, using a sarcastic touch to it to let you know, silently, that she isn’t particularly happy about some aspect of your relationship. In times like this, then, she will make use of such an over-the-top expression of her displeasure. Don’t let it go unnoticed.

          6. She stops being affectionate

            Women tend to be the more affectionate ones in a relationship. So when you don’t get those everyday hugs like you used to, or a slight peck on the check with each good morning, then she’s certainly angry at you.

            7. She becomes careless towards you

              She knows your preferences inside out, just like she knows her. What you want at what time of the day women make sure they keep tabs on all those things. But suddenly, if she stops caring about your choices whether it be food, which movie to watch or some other thing then know she isn’t being forgetful. She just doesn’t care about it due to the anger raging inside her. Continue reading on next page

              8. She makes it complex and lets it all out

                The anger keeps building up inside her. Your lack of noticing it, coupled with some other little things you in between to annoy and irk her will only feed the flame of her anger. She will explode on some other issue, and bring in the other issues that originally angered her. So if she’s venting out that steam and brings up other topics, she’s complicating it because the anger is getting the best of her.

                9. She stops calling you by nicknames

                  When in a cheery mood, women always call their partners by their nicknames such as babe or honey. But when it becomes a little while since you keep hearing your first name instead of those nicknames in a loving manner, understand that it isn’t good sign and your girl is angry at you.

                  The absence of that compassion is what makes her lose the sweet tone and instead call you by your name instead often in a dry tone.

                  10 .She carries on with the lack of care

                    The three words no man likes to hear, “I don’t care” keep coming out of her mouth more than you’d like. You ask her opinion on something, she says she doesn’t care. You offer her some advice, she says she doesn’t care. Of course she does just not enough, in her state of anger, to comment on it.

                    Don’t give in to her arrogant attitude it’s just a phase, she’ll snap out of it in time, hopefully. Even if she doesn’t, and it seems like she is going to carry on with it, ask her what the issue really is. Tell her even if she doesn’t care, you do, and you want to make things right for her, no matter how angry she gets.

                    Talk to me

                    What do you do when your girl is angry or mad at you? Let me know in the comments down below!

                    1. So true it will end in a a break up or a divorce its normally when he stops noticing it’s bc he doesn’t care either

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