10 Common Lies That Women Use On You

Ladies, you know you’ve all said these at one point in life.

So there’s really no denying just how difficult it can be to maintain a relationship. The two people involved in a relationship have to invest so much of their time, effort, and commitment in the hopes that things work out for the best. Sometimes, not even all the effort and love in the world will be enough to sustain a romantic relationship. But that’s life, and we all just have to learn to face the facts. It can get pretty stressful and tiring sometimes. That’s why we all go through our phases of not wanting to deal with anything in the relationship. We might resort to a few little lies every now and then just to get out of certain relationship responsibilities. We all do it. Some couples just have people who do it more than others. These lies aren’t necessarily harmful to a relationship. They aren’t necessarily deal-breakers. They are only seemingly innocent little fabrications of the truth in an effort to escape the reality of the relationship for a little bit. But they are still lies nonetheless. 

And if you don’t want to be made a fool of, then you should do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the common lies that girls keep giving their men. However, you should know at the start that these lies aren’t really tied to whether she loves you or not. That’s another issue entirely. Sometimes, women in relationships just tell lies because being completely honest and blunt can spell trouble for the relationship. It’s like the ends justify the means kind of situation. But just to help you be more aware of whenever she’s fibbing, you should still probably read on until the end of this article. What you do with this information afterwards is up to you.

1. I’m a little busy right now.

Sure, it’s perfectly normal for people to get busy every once in a while. But if she keeps using this excuse on a constant basis with you, then maybe you should just take a hint. She’s not interested in going out with you at all but she doesn’t’ want to flat out reject you.

2. I’m just too tired at the moment.

You’re lying down in bed after a long day and all you want is some fun in the sack with her. She says that she’s tired and that she just can’t do it tonight. Give her the benefit of the doubt, but she could really just be pretending to get out of sex with you. 

3. I didn’t receive your text message!

This is another common lie that women use on men who are just a little too aggressive. If you believe that virtually all of your text messages just never seem to get sent to her phone, then you’re the fool in this situation and you should be ashamed of yourself. – Continue reading on the next page

4. I have cramps right now.

The female anatomy is a wondrous and confusing thing. She can use it as an excuse for getting out of virtually anything that she wants to do and men just really have no right to protest. 

5. I’m mad because I’m PMS-ing.

A lot of girls will act mad even though there’s no real reason to do so. This irrational rage and anger is just downright stupid but she always has a perfect excuse that can help her get out of these situations. She could just go ahead and blame the hormonal imbalances brought about by PMS and she could be mad about anything. 

6. My nails haven’t dried yet!

Her nails dried off two hours ago. She just doesn’t want to be the one who gets up to answer the telephone or see who’s ringing the doorbell. That’s going to have to be your job, mister. 

7. My best friend really needs me right now.

What she really means is that she just wants a night out on the town with just the girls. She doesn’t want you around and so she’s going to make up a fake story about her best friend going through some really tough times even though it’s far from the truth. – Continue reading on the next page

8. I really need to focus on my career right now.

This is another go-to excuse that women resort to whenever they need a scapegoat for rejecting a guy. Sure, she’s telling you now that she’s just focusing on her career, but you find out a week later that she’s dating another guy. Her career isn’t really the problem. It’s just she’s not interested in you. 

9. We just don’t want the same things in life.

She may just be bored of you and she realized that getting into a relationship with you was a mistake. She doesn’t want to make you feel like it’s all your fault and she doesn’t want to take full responsibility either; but she knows that she has to end things. So she’s just going to resort to blaming your differences as people. 

10. I’m not ready to be in a commitment.

She is ready for a commitment. What she means to say is that she’s just not willing to commit to you. 

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