10 Common Mistakes Girls Make That Turn Him Off

Ladies, how many of you have done this? ?

Men, what turns you off the most?

It can be really difficult to get into a relationship. For some people, they have an easier time than others. But for the unlucky ones, it can be very disappointing to experience heartbreak after heartbreak. And for the most part, you probably don’t even know what you keep on doing wrong. You think you finally have a shot at landing a guy, and then the relationship just ends up blowing itself up in your face.

And then you’re left to go back to square one. You hate having to start over and over again. You want to be in a stable relationship that you can work on and nurture. You want a relationship that you can actually envision a future with.

So what are you doing wrong? Why can’t you ever seem to find success in life? Well, the answers aren’t always obvious. In fact, a lot of the mistakes that you’re committing might be very subtle. You always have to develop a sense of self-awareness in your love affairs so that you know how your potential partner is perceiving you. You can’t just choose to be aloof about it. So to enlighten you further, here are a few common mistakes that girls make which turn him off.

1. You always chase after the guy that is bad for you.

Relationship history is important. No decent guy is ever going to respect you if you just keep forcing yourself into relationships that are bad for you. It shows that you don’t have respect for yourself and that you are a little too desperate for romance. Stop settling for men and relationships that you don’t deserve.

2. You are too independent and unaccommodating of other people in your life.

Yes, it’s always great to be strong and independent. In fact, being a strong and independent woman in this day and age is a very attractive trait especially to quality men. But you also have to know how to pick your spots. If you project an image of total independence wherein you are no longer welcoming other people into your life, then no man is going to want to date you.

3. You always take but you never give.

Don’t be selfish. As cliche as it is, relationships will always be a give and take kind of situation. You don’t want to give your man any cause for concern by just continuing to take and take from a relationship without giving back. You have to make sure that you’re preserving the balance and harmony in the relationship.

4. You are relentless in your criticisms.

No man likes being criticized on a consistent and ruthless basis. Not to say that you have to censor yourself. You just have to be able to pick your spots. Not all flaws are worth criticizing. Be sensitive of your man’s feelings. Your criticisms could end up driving him away.

5. You are practically a magnet for drama.

It shouldn’t be new information to you. A vast majority of men just hate drama. They’re not having any of it. And so if you’re the type of girl who is always drawing drama into your life, then you are definitely the problem here.

6. You don’t give him any reasons to trust you.

Trust is an important aspect of any relationship. You have to be able to give him enough reasons to trust you. You have to be able to make him believe that you wouldn’t betray him and that it’s okay for him to fall for you.

7. You develop a false sense of entitlement and ownership over him.

You can never really own a person. Slavery isn’t a thing anymore and you should know that. Just because a man is interested in getting into a relationship with you doesn’t mean that you have the right to feel entitled to him. You don’t get to boss him around and act like a queen. That’s the quickest way to drive him into the arms of another.

8. You don’t live a fruitful life outside of your relationship.


Your entire life can’t be solely defined by your relationship. No quality guy on the face of this earth is going to want to be with a girl whose happiness is dependent on whether or not she’s in a relationship. You have to have a productive individual life outside of your relationship.

9. You aren’t honest with your feelings and your intentions.

You have to be honest with a man when it comes to your feelings. If you expect him to be a mind reader, then things aren’t going to go well for either of you. Just be upfront about your intentions and be open about what you’re feeling. He will appreciate you more for it.

10. You don’t open up about your life to him.

Yes, it pays off to be a little mysterious, but you have to be able to give him a little glimpse into your life. Gradually open yourself up more and more as you get deeper in the relationship. If you remained closed off forever, then he’s going to get fed up really quickly.

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Men, what turns you off the most? Talk to me in the comments below!

  1. # 11 – You let your friends have too much influence over who you date, even those that do not even know the man your are dating. Girlfriends can be jealous and negative about who you love.

  2. 8. You don’t live a fruitful life outside of your relationship.

    Your entire life can’t be solely defined by your relationship. No quality guy on the face of this earth is going to want to be with a girl whose happiness is dependent on whether or not she’s in a relationship. You have to have a productive individual life outside of your relationship.

  3. I am suffering from a problem which I can not share with anyone.
    My partner has stopped discussing about $ex after a very short time of marriage. Whenever I ask him that why we are not a romantic couple so he just change the topic and he don’t admit that he is not romantic to me.
    All the time I try to get rid of such thought that why he has become so unromantic

    1. I’m guessing maybe you two when you did have sex, it wasn’t very spontaneous
      .. am I right? I think after a while of having to work too hard to get to home base it makes us men not even want to put forth the effort. Make yourself his private little play-toy. YOU be the sexual aggressor. Do naughty things to him without him saying a word and I promise you your sex life will perk up quickly. If that don’t work then he may have turned gay, cause all men love to be needed sexually. Remember, if he has to work too much he will eventually think that YOU aren’t attracted to HIM! REMEMBER THAT! If you have any more questions ask away.

    2. it may be because some where you had discussed about his manhood or less timings or he may be involved in someone else too.

      when he return home empty then how come he fulfill you or your requirements

  4. This is bullshit , it’s totally wrong , it’s from a man’s perspective 😂, lots of woman give too much and aren’t the cause of drama most men are

    1. Narcissism is running ramped among males and females these days. Know the signs and be aware of the red flags early on before you marry one. Living with a narcissist is hell on earth, trust me!

    2. It seems you are single and no man really likes you. If a woman is surrounded by bad man in her home i.e. father or brother… generally these type of woman thinks every other man is bad like their father and brother.

  5. Is he secretly gay? Maybe doesn’t even know or acknowledge it himself yet? Just something I’ve seen happen before. Very demoralising for the spouse.

  6. A woman who doesn’t know her role in a relationship. Who always wants to be the decision maker by herself. Who wants to “wear the pants”, so to speak!

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