10 Common Mistakes Girls Make That Turn Him Off

Men, what turns you off the most?

It can be really difficult to get into a relationship. For some people, they have an easier time than others. But for the unlucky ones, it can be very disappointing to experience heartbreak after heartbreak. And for the most part, you probably don’t even know what you keep on doing wrong. You think you finally have a shot at landing a guy, and then the relationship just ends up blowing itself up in your face.

And then you’re left to go back to square one. You hate having to start over and over again. You want to be in a stable relationship that you can work on and nurture. You want a relationship that you can actually envision a future with.

So what are you doing wrong? Why can’t you ever seem to find success in life? Well, the answers aren’t always obvious. In fact, a lot of the mistakes that you’re committing might be very subtle. You always have to develop a sense of self-awareness in your love affairs so that you know how your potential partner is perceiving you. You can’t just choose to be aloof about it. So to enlighten you further, here are a few common mistakes that girls make which turn him off.

1. You always chase after the guy that is bad for you.

Relationship history is important. No decent guy is ever going to respect you if you just keep forcing yourself into relationships that are bad for you. It shows that you don’t have respect for yourself and that you are a little too desperate for romance. Stop settling for men and relationships that you don’t deserve.

2. You are too independent and unaccommodating of other people in your life.

Yes, it’s always great to be strong and independent. In fact, being a strong and independent woman in this day and age is a very attractive trait especially to quality men. But you also have to know how to pick your spots. If you project an image of total independence wherein you are no longer welcoming other people into your life, then no man is going to want to date you.

3. You always take but you never give.

Don’t be selfish. As cliche as it is, relationships will always be a give and take kind of situation. You don’t want to give your man any cause for concern by just continuing to take and take from a relationship without giving back. You have to make sure that you’re preserving the balance and harmony in the relationship.

4. You are relentless in your criticisms.

No man likes being criticized on a consistent and ruthless basis. Not to say that you have to censor yourself. You just have to be able to pick your spots. Not all flaws are worth criticizing. Be sensitive of your man’s feelings. Your criticisms could end up driving him away.