10 Common Things That Guys Do After A Breakup

1. You might be surprised to hear that a lot of boys cry in the shower. Naturally, it’s not the most dignified place to have a good cry. But it’s typically the only place where a man can just let all of these negative feelings out without being judged by anyone else. And that’s good. That means he tries to keep a lid on his emotions so as not to affect other people. But he still tries to find outlets for his emotions.

2. He is going to turn to Tinder for some fake romantic stimulation. And he’s going to swipe right like crazy. There can be a lot of reasons as to why a guy would want to jump into that relationship wagon again after getting his heart broken. He might just want to prove to himself that he is fine and that he’s ready to move on. He might just want to release all the feelings that he couldn’t give to his ex.

3. Go out with a lot of girls in real life. It’s not just that stimulation in the online space that helps him. He wants to go out for the real deal. For a lot of men, it’s not enough for them to just be flirting with women online. They might go out to bars and meet girls so that they can actually feel the rush of initiating relationships again. None of it might be real – but the thrill is still going to be there.

4. And then on the other side of the spectrum, there are some boys who just like to stay at home and cope with their feelings on their own. They don’t really like to show themselves to other people in public because of their damaged sense of self-esteem and confidence as a result of the breakup. So they will just keep to themselves and gorge on junk food and Netflix shows.

5. He might resort to online stalking of his ex. He knows that it’s only going to hurt him to look at her social media and see that she’s happy in a life without him. Hell, he might even find her in a new relationship with some other guy. And he knows that that is going to kill him. But he can’t help it. He just can’t get over her. He can’t seem to move on from her.

6. And then there are some men with the “never say die” kind of mentality. They won’t really accept their breakups. They won’t really accept the fact that their relationships are over and then they will try to go out and make some Hail Mary plays. These men will try to seek out their exes and they will try to do whatever it takes to win their girls back.

7. Some men are going to just erase you like a virus on a computer. They will want to move on from their breakup and relationship as quickly as possible. And they think that the fastest way to do so would be to just completely erase all memories and evidence of her existence in their lives. He is going to want to just purge himself of her existence completely.

8. He is going to turn to his bros for some support. It’s no secrets that a lot of bro-ships tend to suffer whenever guys fall really deep into their relationships. They will try to rekindle old relationships with their buddies as a way to fill that void that they’re missing now that they’re no longer with their ex. These guys will try to seek the comfort of their closest friends.

9. There are also some men who will be so traumatized and wounded to the point that they will swear off dating and love forever. These are the guys who will just say that they are sick of the game. They will be hesitant to let themselves become vulnerable to any other girl ever again. And they will say that they won’t ever fall in love again. But the truth is that a lot of these guys are just lying to themselves.

10. Some men will take all of their negative feelings and emotions and they will channel it all into the gym. They know that they are already harboring a lot of negative energy and so they choose to channel this energy into their bodies. They will try to just find an outlet for all of their negative emotions.

At the end of the day, we all deal with breakups differently. We all have our individual ways of coping. And so as long as we don’t really harm other people with our processes, there should be no room any kind of judgment. Breakups are hard after all.

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