10 Expectations He Secretly Has For You And Your Relationship

You can’t read minds, we can’t either. So here’s the truth.

Expectations always come with relationships. It’s normal. It’s perfectly fine to go into a relationship with some standards and expectations that you would want your partner to live up to. Now, where things get tricky are when these expectations are either not communicated or when they are overly unreasonable. With unreasonable expectations, you can always get around them by talking to your partner about your own personal limitations on what you can bring to the relationships. But with the secret expectations, those are a little more complicated to handle.

It’s already established that typically, men won’t be as open about their needs and expectations in a relationship as girls would be. Men usually think that they should keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves otherwise they will be seen as needy and weak. And that can be very frustrating for a lot of girls to deal with. They will have to play the mind-reader game with their men and it can be very difficult to do so.

But rejoice, ladies. That’s what this article is for. Even though your man won’t necessarily admit these things to you doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to know about them. If you want to take your relationship to the next level and if you want to get closer to your man, you can try your best to meet his expectations even when he doesn’t communicate them to you. The extra effort will always be appreciated and he won’t fail to notice your commitment to him at al. Here are 10 expectations he has fo you and your relationship:

1. He wants you to be territorial but not restricting.

He likes it when you act a little jealous. It makes him feel like you really love him and that you’re afraid to lose him. But he doesn’t want you to be jealous to the point where you act very controlling, restricting, and just downright paranoid.

2. He wants you to support him with his goals (or lack there of).

Sometimes, he’s going to have outrageous plans for his life and yours; and he hopes that you would be able to support him through his trials. And sometimes, he won’t necessarily have a plan to work with just yet, and he hopes you can support him through that as well.

3. He wants you to make him feel like you need him.

He would never admit it but he wants to feel needed. Even if you don’t need him for something, it wouldn’t hurt to ask his help every once in a while. It would make him feel validated about his presence and worth in your life.

4. He wants you to be patient and understanding with him when he screws up.

He knows that he is a flawed and imperfect person. But he hopes that you won’t hold his imperfections against him whenever he starts to screw up.

5. He wants you to be okay with his reluctance to be so open and communicative.

He isn’t going to be as open or as honest with you about his feelings; and he knows that can be frustrating to deal with. But he also hopes that you can be okay with him being like that until he starts being comfortable with opening himself up.

6. He wants you to always be ready to give him a hug and a kiss when he’s feeling down.

He would never want to admit this but a man is always going to be in need of physical intimacy. You have no idea just how impactful a hug and kiss from you might be. Even just smiling at him can be enough to brighten his mood after having a rough day.

7. He wants you to take control of the relationship every once in a while.

He won’t always want to take the lead. Sometimes, he will want you to make decisions and steer the relationship.

8. He wants you to be okay with him not answering every single text message.

He doesn’t want to have to respond to every single text message that you send him. He gets it. You want to be in constant communication with him. And he wants to be connecting with you as much as possible too. He just doesn’t want to have to be busying himself with his text messages for you all of the time.

9. He wants you to offer to pay for dinner sometimes.

If you have your own job and you’re earning your own cash, then you can offer to pay for dinner too. He won’t want to admit it, but it’s a huge help to his finances if you share the expenses.

10. He wants you to respect his occasional need for space.

You have to remember that just because he asks for space and occasional alone time doesn’t mean that he loves you less than before. Some people just want to be alone with themselves. It gives them an opportunity to reflect on who they are as individuals.

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