10 Facts That Help to Predict If You’ll Grow Old with Your Partner

A person’s heart always remains young for two things: to be loved and to not die alone. Well, for most of us at least, that seems to be the case. People in relationships often wonder if they will make it that far, where they marry and have a family together. But there is a line further than that, which only a few can reach ever thought if you will grow old with the person you’re dating? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

It goes without saying that to go that far into your relationship requires a whole lot of everything: patience, compromise, resilient understanding, and commitment, hope for a good future and the list goes on. But here, we will discuss a few yet important factors that can help you predict whether you will indeed grow old with the person you’re dating.

  1. If You’re Yourself With Them

When your partner gladly embraces your personality with all its ups and down, you are in it for the long run. Being able to be your absolute self is a mark of liberation in terms of your relationship. Having someone by your side who loves you with all your haves and have nots that is a boat surely to take you further into the river of love shared between you and your partner.

2. Your Partner’s Quirks Endear You

Everyone has those little habits the whole world finds annoying. But if you find them endearing, you’re in it for a good run. Your partner will love you all the more and would want to hold on to you till they can especially when you don’t get annoyed at their weird habits or how they want to play FIFA at three in the morning.

3. You Don’t Need Any Plans

Being with someone with whom you can sit with under the stars and not say anything is among the best things in the world. Good couples don’t need to plan date nights and such. They just go with the flow. Your relationship will last much longer when things you do with your partner just come naturally, no plans needed.

4. When You Enjoy The Simplest Of Things

Rest assured that the beauty of your relationship will last long when you enjoy doing the simplest of things with your partner, whether it’s fixing the coffee machine of doing the laundry together, doesn’t matter. As long as you both feel comfortable and smile together, it’s meant to last.

5. If You’re Totally Expressive with Them

Whether it’s a moment of joy or sorrow, anger or fear, silence or doubts, if you feel no pressure from your partner expressing the deepest of your emotions, ideas and perspectives, then that relationship is definitely meant to last. We all have our demons. If your partner sees yours yet still approaches you in the same loving manner, they are bound to grow old with you.

6. They Continue To Amaze You

If the butterflies you felt in your stomach in the start when you looked into their eyes for the first time still continue to flutter even when they are broken down and miserable and all then your relationship is a long-lasting one. Often times, couples grow sick of each other because they fell for each other mostly due to outer beauty, which fades. Inner beauty doesn’t. You’ll grow old with them indeed if they continue to amaze you years later even.

7. You’re Best Friends, More Than Anything

Couples who grow old are mostly the ones who hold hands and walk in parks one moment and wrestle each other over who gets the T.V remote the next. To enjoy that kind of chemistry not just as partners but as best friends is sure to take your relationship that far.

8. You Bring Out The Best in Each Other

Hearts measure love by transformations. If you and your partner continue bringing out the best in each other and hence keep growing as individuals, you are meant to grow old together too. Both of you would eventually get used to the other noticing and then improving on your good qualities and that will become a drug, in a way. And you both will just keep wanting more: for one to bring out the brighter side of the other.

9. You Fix Fights

Arguments and fights are part of even the longest relationships. So if you and your partner value your relationship enough to get over fights and arguments then you both are in it for good.

10. You Care For Them More Than Yourself

At the end of the day, all we have are the people we trust and love. If you place your partner’s happiness and comfort before your own, if you’re ready to move mountains for them then your relationship is meant to last indeed.

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