10 Fighting Habits That You Have Which Are Harmful For Your Relationship

In a relationship, it’s always going to be normal for two people to argue and fight. Just because you get into a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to see eye to eye on everything. You aren’t always going to be in agreement at all times and that’s okay. Even the healthiest and strongest couples have fights every so often. The strength of a relationship isn’t measured with how seldom they might argue. It’s all about how couples handle the arguments that they have.

That is why you should always be making sure that you are practicing good habits when you are arguing with your partner. There is actually a right and a wrong way to go about an argument. If you argue with your partner in the right way, you might actually be making your relationship stronger as a result of it.

You get closer to one another by airing out your feelings and grievances in an honest and open manner. But if you argue in the wrong way, then you risk causing some very serious damage in your relationship that could spell doom for the two of you.

You always want to be making sure that you are avoiding any bad habits that you might exhibit whenever you and your partner get into arguments. You don’t want to be throwing away your relationship just because you couldn’t really get a hold of your feelings and emotions during these heated situations.

1. You disrespect your partner whenever you fight.

This should be a no-brainer. Respect is something that must be present in your relationship at all times.

2. You always insist that you are right when you argue.

You aren’t always right. There will be times wherein your perspective will fail you and it’s important for you to know that. You have to stay open-minded. You can be wrong sometimes no matter how right you think you might be in an argument. Don’t be so arrogant so as to insist that you are never going to be wrong and that you have all the answers.

3. You bring up old arguments from the past.

There’s no point in rehashing old arguments. You don’t want to be adding to the current argument by bringing up old issues from the past. That is only going to complicate things even further and it will become much more difficult to crawl out of that hole that you’re digging for yourselves.

4. You play the blame game with your partner.

You should never resort to playing the blame game in the relationship because that’s practically going to get you nowhere. You always want to make sure that you stay accountable for your own faults. Own up to your shortcomings in the relationship and be mature about it.

5. You resort to personal attacks and criticisms.

Always keep your fights and disagreements issue-based. You never want o be attacking your partner’s character. You always want to stay on topic. Always make sure that your arguments revolve around the issue at hand.

6. You walk away from a fight abruptly.

Never walk away from an argument just because you get tired from arguing. You should always be willing to stay and have difficult conversations with your partner. But if you feel like things are escalating too quickly, it’s always best that you and your partner just pause for a bit to reset your emotions.

7. You raise your voice’s volume and tone.

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument. When you let your feelings get the best of you, it can be very easy to get lost in your emotions. But always stay in control. If you let your emotions compromise you, you might end up saying something hurtful that you will eventually regret.

8. You resort to physical violence.

Physical violence is never acceptable under any circumstance within a relationship. If you and your partner have an argument and things start to get heated, try to resolve the issue with your words. You shouldn’t be so willing to just hurt your partner in a physical manner.

9. You just stay quiet the entire time.

Sometimes, you might think that it’s better for you to not say anything so that the argument doesn’t get drawn out any longer. But that’s not a good technique at all. You are essentially telling your partner that they aren’t worth engaging with. Never be afraid to speak up. Let your partner know what’s on your mind.

10. You lie when you argue.

You aren’t going to get anything done if you resort to lying and dishonesty during your arguments. Remember that the point of an argument is for the two of you to see eye to eye on things that you might not agree on. And you won’t be able to do that if you lie. You always need to be speaking your truth so that your partner understands you better.

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