10 Heartbreaking Signs You Will Never Be A Priority To Him

In matters of the heart, being a priority is essential. If your partner doesn’t value you as your first priority, then he is definitely not the one because when someone truly loves you, and you are important to them, they want to see you happy and satisfied in a relationship.

If you notice he’s always too busy, not emotionally close, and makes big decisions without talking to you, be careful. Don’t ignore these signs; they show how much he values you. You should be with someone who loves and respects you, and puts you first.

He Never Makes Time For You

If he consistently fails to make time for you in his busy schedule, it’s a red flag that you may not be a priority in his life. A guy who truly values you will find ways to spend quality time together, regardless of his commitments.

He Only Contacts You Whenever He Needs Something

It can feel bad when he only talks to you when he wants something from you. Like he asks for help or favors, but not much else. A good relationship means talking regularly, not just when he wants help.

He Does Not Make You Feel Important

When your partner doesn’t make you feel important, it’s like you’re just an option to them, not a priority in their life. They might not show that they care or pay attention to what’s important to you. Feeling unappreciated can be really hurtful and affect your relationship.

He is Distant and Emotionally Unavailable

When he becomes emotionally distant and inaccessible, it’s a clear sign that he might not be invested in the relationship. Open communication and emotional connection are vital in any partnership, and his lack of engagement could indicate he won’t prioritize your needs.

A Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical closeness matters a lot in a good relationship. If he acts distant and shows no interest in being physically close, it can be very upsetting. For example, if he avoids hugging, kissing, or holding hands. When you feel disconnected physically, it can also make you feel emotionally distant from him. It’s essential to express your feelings and talk to him about it to see if the relationship is meeting your needs.

You Do All The Work in the Relationship

In any kind of romantic relationship, it’s always essential that the two people involved put in a balanced effort. It takes two to tango, as they say. And when it’s only one person giving effort in the relationship, it means the relationship is one-sided. It’s never a good sign to be in a relationship with someone who expects you to do all the work.

He Does Not Include You in His Future Plans

In a relationship, you should be a team, making decisions together. If your partner keeps making important choices without asking for your input, it’s a warning sign that you might not be as important to them. Feeling left out of their plans can be hurtful and make you wonder where you stand in their life.

He Constantly Lets You Down

When he repeatedly disappoints you by breaking promises or canceling plans, it shows a lack of regard for your feelings and time. It can also indicate that he might have an affair with someone else. Otherwise, he won’t let you down repeatedly and make you feel unimportant and undervalued.

You Both Are Constantly Arguing

Frequent arguments and conflicts can be draining and damaging to a relationship. They will also affect your mental health and inner peace. If he doesn’t address the major issues and disagreements, then it’s highly possible that he does not want to maintain a peaceful and harmonious connection with you.

He Spends More Time with His Friends Than with You:

It’s okay to have separate lives and spend time with friends, but it’s not good if he always picks his friends over you. It can make you feel left out and hurt. In a good relationship, you both should spend quality time together and make each other feel important.

      1. I am married for 3years, me and my husband argue over small things which became a big deal later on, all the signs stated in here I experienced but not included the physical touch though. It’s hard to explain how I feel with the person who doesn’t want to communicate with you verbally, who only wants to ignore you and let the day passed without being okay. If we had a fight I can’t tell how I feel, I can’t express how it hurts me a lot, my feelings are invalidated, how I feel is not important for him, even if I already swallow my pride and humble my self just to talk to him to fix the problem he didn’t want too. He really wanted not to talk after fighting. And I don’t know what to do, sometimes I locked myself in the bathroom and cry, sometimes in my sleep I’m crying while he’s sleeping peacefully. I just want to be feel that I am loved, to feel appreciated, valuable, needed and belong. I know I’m sensitive because I’m a woman and because if I love a person I love deeper and honest from the bottom of my heart. Why can’t I received the same love I am giving? Isn’t it hard? We didn’t have a baby yet, how much more is we have. God help me. I don’t want to have a baby if my husband is not mature and man enough to handle me and our future family. Oh’ Jesus please touch the heart and mind of my husband for clarity. 🙏🏻✨

  1. I’m not his priority. He’s hot and cold. That’s the reason why I am applying the no contact rule for myself to be able to step back and move on. And today is the fourth day of no communication but last night and a few hours ago he tried to call me though he can’t reach me coz I blocked him. Today, is our 3rd monthsary supposedly but, I must have to be patient on my emotion. He only dropcalled me but not leaving a text. So??☹️

  2. I feel the pain of having someone who doesn’t make me priority, he spend more time with friends …..sad moments of truth….Ahaa😢😢😢

  3. Yes so true. It is so hard to think that could happen but it did. All the signs were there and I ignored them but he just left and it was the worst. But then a new day arose and I thought of this person less. Stop waiting, I don’t go out much. I am older and don’t care much if I meet someone. I will take it slow and enjoy this freedom.

  4. Its very sad to hear that yall ladies are having issues with your men.. I am a man going through what you all are claiming. I could of only wish and prey that things would change for the best before it worsened… i finally had to pull away from the toxicity of the arguments over little to nothing at all.

    1. Pretty Sad, like she had someone on the side and wasn’t sure who she wanted. What a shell kind of person. At least You handled it. Best Wishes for strength 🤞🙏

  5. I don’t know what to do. It’s been 5 beginning of a relationshit was perfect. At least in my eyes it was perfect. And the life I always wanted. I was truly happy for once and the last 3 years it’s changed, you won’t touch me. He will have sex with me.I’ve asked someone what can I do to help?What can I do to make everything better?I’ve asked him to do things to help me.Do something better and I tell MI feel like we’re roommates.He says, if I didn’t want to be here.I wouldn’t be here I tell him I think you’re here because you get away with everything and I pay all the bills and you don’t have to do anything and I don’t b**** You complain, you never denies it. I love him and I just want him to love me as much as I love him.

  6. For the last 13 years since I moved to Australia I have been in a relationship it seemed mostly nice for a while he is a lot older then me and has had children we recently moved back to my home country in UK and now he wants to go back to Australia as my family are in the UK and I have no family in Australia and we agreed we would start a family in UK where one of us has emotional support and family support but no he is controlling and has bad tantrums and keeps saying no we are going back to Australia my whole life has been with him is is controlling and possessive as in I have done nothing for my self for all those years so he has an excuse to throw that back in my face even though I was his company director for many years and have stood by him I even had no mobile phone for the first 5years of our relationship I now feel like if I go then I lose it all but the bullying and winging from an older man is unbearable any advise

  7. My husband is 69 years old. He don’t kiss me or hug me like he use to. When we sit in our lazy boys side by side I put my hand on his arm and he either tenses up or pulls away. He has a lot of signs that he is cheating on me and I have confronted him and he tells me that I’m the one cheating. I told him how can I cheat I am the only one who works. I don’t have time to cheat. When we are in bed he turns his back to me and I try and get close to him and he scoots closer to the edge of the bed. I have to go to him for a kiss and or a hug. He claims his testosterone and limbido and energy is low. I said why don’t you go to the doctor you have the insurance. He cuts me off and walks away. I don’t know what is going on with him. I’m 60 years old.

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