10 Honest Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

The sad truth of life is that change can still come even when we don’t want it to. In relationships, nothing is ever set in stone.

The sad truth of life is that change can still come even when we don’t want it to. In relationships, nothing is ever set in stone. You can never be certain of what tomorrow will bring. It only takes a moment for everything to come crumbling down all around you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. There have been many instances with relationships that come to a screeching halt because of changed feelings and altered emotions. A seemingly happy couple today could see the end of their relationship after a week. The reason for that is because feelings are never permanent. People change, and that’s the very nature of life.

If you just so happen to be caught in a relationship wherein you feel like changes are coming and you don’t like it, then it’s a good time for you to reexamine your union. There is a good chance that your partner may be falling out of love with you. While this can be a heartbreaking experience, it would help the healing process if you just accept it and move on as early as you can. The more you try to force a relationship wherein love is one-sided, you might be perpetuating feelings of resentment and hatred. You never want things to become as toxic as they already are.

Of course there are some signs that you can heed to know if your partner is truly falling out of love with you. The moment you start noticing these signs, the best course of action would be to talk things out with your partner. There are few things that good and open communication can’t fix. Just make sure to approach things with an open mind and an open heart. If you see your partner exhibiting some of these signs, then it would be best for you to act swiftly.

1. Your partner doesn’t express love and affection the same way as before.

Back in the good old days, your partner would always make it a point to make you feel loved and appreciated as much as possible. They would’ve jumped at any opportunity to put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm.

2. Your partner always seems pre-occupied with something else during dates.

If it feels like your partner is always thinking of other things whenever you’re together, then you can bet that something is weighing heavily on their hearts. It may end up feeling as if your partner is only physically present, but emotionally unavailable.

3. You and your partner’s conversations have become stale and forced.

It used to be that you felt like you could talk about anything and everything under the sun. Your conversations used to be very natural and organic. Now, however, you struggle to find interesting things to talk about. You feel like you always have to force yourself to make decent conversation and it no longer comes naturally to you. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Your partner throws blame at you whenever applicable.

Another good indication that your partner is falling out of love with you is if they let it affect their individual lives. They will start to fail at things, and they will most likely start blaming you for their failures.

5. You no longer feel like your partner is supportive of you.

It used to be that your partner was your number one fan. You always knew that you could count on your partner to push you further in life. However, nowadays, it seems that your hopes and dreams are no longer relevant in the life of your partner.

6. Your partner constantly makes excuses to spend time away from you.

Somehow, your partner is spending more hours at work. Somehow, they’d prefer to go out with friends than to go out with you. It means that they are no longer interested in spending alone time with you and maybe even dread the thought of it.

7. You are no longer consulted when it comes to planning.

During the good days of your relationship, every weekend plan was discussed with each other. Any future plans revolved around the relationship. However, now you feel like you’re no longer part of the planning process and your partner is independently making plans that don’t include you.

8. Your partner is no longer respectful to you.

When you truly love someone, you respect them. If you feel like your partner is losing respect for you, and acting in ways that are blatantly disrespectful, then perhaps you should consider the fact that they’re losing their love for you as well.

9. Your partner doesn’t think that you’re worthy of explanations.

You used to have such an open relationship, and now, you find yourself being shut off from your partner. You feel like you aren’t being treated fairly and that your partner never indulges in your inquisitions anymore as if you aren’t worth the time or effort.

10. You are no longer happy because of your relationship.

If you’re no longer happy in the relationship, it may be because it was designed for you to feel that way. Your partner wants you to be unhappy so that you can end things mutually.

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  1. It applies to what i observed from my partner right now. It hurts so much that the one who puts you in a pedestal before seems to be the one letting you down now. I feel like a rag to him now. If im with him, i feel unsafe and insecure. I know he doesn’t love me anymore, i just stay because of our daughter. insha’Allah soon, it’s either he’ll change, which is probably impossible NOR im out. That right time will come soon.

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