10 Instances Of How bad timing can ruin a good relationship

Timing is the key to everything, inclusive of relationships. There must’ve been a time that you might’ve met the perfect person but the timing just wasn’t right and you just couldn’t start anything with them. Or your relationship might have been going smoothly when you brought up moving in together a little too soon. Even if your partner plans to do so in the near future, the untimely suggestion would make them feel like they’re rushing into it.

˜Timing in life is everything.’ Leonard Maltin

Following are a few instances of how bad timing ruins a perfectly healthy relationship;

В 1. You’re not ready to give up the single life:

You want to be with them; but then your options wouldn’t be open. You love the idea of spending most of your time with them and making them a part of your life; but then that’d mean giving up on time to yourself. And then there’s this other girl/guy who has been taking a lot of interest in you lately; which makes it even more difficult to decide. You’re clearly not ready for a commitment. There is no point in leading on someone to no end.

В 2.В career is the utmost priority:

When it comes to careers, for most people it means serious business; and they’re right. Dating can wait. Especially if you’re starting your career or switching jobs or something, a committed relationship would be hard to keep up with. Maybe the best thing to do at that time is to actually focus on your work. No relationship is better than a bitter one, where all you ever do is complain. You complain about your partner not being understanding enough, while they complain about how you never have time for them.

В 3. You’ve been out of the dating game for a long time now:

If you’ve recently come out of a long relationship; you probably don’t even remember how the single life was. You become so used to the person you’re with; that some things just kind of slip away. After you’ve gotten over your ex, you might consider trying your luck with dating. Then again, since you’re probably done with a long-term thing for now; casual dating might be something you’re looking for. And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

В 4. You two are never available at the same time:

You two could be perfect together, but when you’re single they aren’t and vice versa. You do want to see how things would be with them; but you just can’t do wrong to your present partner and you can’t expect them to give up their relationship for you either. You wish for it to happen; but the two of you never seem to get a chance.

В 5. Long distance relationships might not be that practical:

You could be dating for weeks or for years and if you have to move for some reason, although you want that relationship; it just might not be possible for you to keep up with it. Things like different time zones, or the gradually decreasing communication or lack of seeing each other among other factors could all lead to an unavoidable end. Although there are instances where people do manage to have long-distance relationships, but majority of the times, it just doesn’t work out. Neither one can really be blamed.

6. Family over relationships:

Family comes first. Many people do actually live by this. And they surely have to make a lot of sacrifices to live up to it. You might have planned a vacation with your partner and out of nowhere you have a sick family member you just cannot ignore. You need to take care of them. That is an all consuming task in itself. Even if they’re trying to be understanding, your partner is going to be neglected. Sometimes you just can’t strike a balance, regardless of how hard you try.

В 7. You’re still hung up on your ex:

People heal after break ups in their own time. It varies for everyone. There isn’t a standard for how long you should wait before you get back into the dating scene. If it is taking you longer than the next person to get them out of your mind; it shouldn’t be a concern. Take your time. Don’t rush into something new. You’re never going to be at peace and the person you’re with will constantly feel that you don’t really want to be with them. And if you keep comparing them to your ex, you’re indirectly telling them that they’re not good enough and that you’ve had better. No one can handle that.

8. You have kids:

As a parent, you place your kids first; even before yourself. You’re kind of programmed to do that. You fully understand that anything you do, can and will affect them. You have to be very careful with your choices and decisions and what’s in your child’s best interest. If it’s dating, it is even more important. At some point you’re going to have to introduce them to your kids and if they’re the kind of person you’d want your kid to be around. It’s even more difficult when you’re kids are still too young; you simply can’t manage time for yourself; let alone someone else. Neglecting your children for someone else is the worst thing that you can do as a parent.

9. Too young for a serious commitment:

Teenage infatuations are magical and everything seems like a fairytale. You’re going to pass out of school and live happily ever after. Sadly, that bubble is burst very cruelly. School is followed by college and a job and maybe another degree or travelling the world. What if while checking things off the bucket list, they check you off too or the other way round is a possibility as well. Even though you might believe that it only takes love for a relationship to last, the reality of things are a whole lot different.

10. You don’t want other people to be affected by your relationship:

A relationship is basically between two people, but by extension it involves the people related to them as well. And you can’t please everyone. Not everyone is going to be on board with your relationship. But if it is someone you hold really important and can’t go ahead with something because of their disapproval; you’d have to make the decision of your life! You could try convincing them; but that doesn’t always work.

Timing is the one thing that you just cannot fix. It is beyond your control. You never know when something could be too soon or too late. You can try and aim for just the right time and hope for things to work out. Get into a relationship when you’re ready for a commitment and take it a pace that you’re both comfortable with.

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