If She Sends These 10 Texts, She Is Interested In You

She is interested in you

In this contemporary age, it is normal for people flirting with one another to engage in the art of text messaging. And naturally, who wouldn’t want to? It’s a form of modern communication, and we all know just how vital communication is when it comes to relationships. However, the problem with texting is that you can sometimes fail to pick up specific cues on how a person might typically feel about you.

For instance, you might be texting a woman who is sweet and friendly with you as you’re texting one another. In real life, you would think that she is romantically interested in you, especially if she accompanies her words with subtle body language hints. But you don’t get that luxury with texting. You might just be texting a friendly girl who has no romantic interest in you whatsoever.

And whenever that’s the case, it can be a problem. You end up misjudging an entire situation, and you make a fool of yourself. Or sometimes, if you play it too safe, you will risk losing a girl who genuinely DOES like you after all just because you couldn’t tell that she was really into you, to begin with.

But here’s the thing, you can still tell with the way a girl texts you whether or not she’s interested. It’s just not going to be as easy as being able to pick up on visual and physical cues. But you will still be able to gauge where you are with regards to your attraction for her based on what kinds of texts she is sending you.

So bust out that phone and review all of the messages that she is texting you. If a lot of the stuff listed here is something that you would find in your message thread with her, then, likely, she’s really into you:

1. “Hi! Good morning! I hope you have a nice day!”

This is a great sign. It means that you were the first thing she thought of when she woke up in the morning. And she wasn’t shy about letting you know about it either.

2. “You’re so funny. Hahaha!”

She is letting you know that she finds you funny and that she’s so comfortable with you. She’s engaged in your discussions, and she wants to show her enthusiasm for talking to you.

3. *Hugging or kissing emojis*

A picture paints a thousand words. Well, so can emojis. If she’s sending you hugging and kissing emojis, it might be a sign that she wants to do those things with you in real life as well. That’s a different kind of comfort that transcends the casual friendliness.

4. “Hey, I heard about this new place that just opened. We should go together.”

She’s asking you out, and she’s just trying to be calm about it. She wants to make it seem like the topic of the conversation is this new place that has just opened. But really, she wants to spend time with you.

5. *Insert sincere compliment here*

It should be a no-brainer that she likes you if she’s sending you lots of compliments all of the time. It means she’s taking notice of all the best parts of your personality.

6. “Why don’t you come over some time?”

This is a significant move of vulnerability on her part, and it’s a massive sign for you. It means that she trusts and likes you enough actually to let you into her place of living. You are being given one foot in the door.

7. “Let’s go try this thing out together!”

She is mostly just luring you with a text like this. She is going to bring up some random fun activity that the two of you could to together as bait for you to spend more time with one another. She can’t get enough of you.

8. “My friends want to meet you!”

This is a perfect sign. If she texts you this, it just goes to show that she has already talked you up with her friends. And more importantly, she’s open to the idea of you merging social circles already.

9. “Come over to the house for a little family gathering!”

She wants you to meet the rest of her family? That’s a huge deal. It means that she’s talked to them about you and she genuinely wants you to be included in that circle.

10. “I would love to meet your family too!”

And of course, if she is expressing an interest in meeting your family as well, then you know that she’s taking you seriously. She does like you, and she isn’t holding back anymore.

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