10 Men Reveal The Keys To Having A Happy And Healthy Relationship

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10 men recently participated in a survey and revealed the most important things that they have found to contribute to the overall happiness in their relationships, the answers are amazing.

You’re bound to know a few couples in your life who seem to have everything together. Thy have the kind of relationship that makes you want to gush and dream. These are the relationships that seem to always stand strong no matter what kind of difficulties or challenges they might face throughout their tenure. They are the ones who, despite all the worries and troubles that might be plaguing their lives together, are always able to smile and stay happy with one another. Perhaps you might be in a relationship that is like that as well; or if you are like the vast majority of the world, you crave for a relationship like that. You want to know what it feels like to be in a relationship that seems to be made of a perpetual state of bliss and happiness. Well, this article aims to give you a glimpse into what it’s like to be in a happy relationship straight from the men who are in them.

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10 men recently participated in a survey and revealed the most important things that they have found to contribute to the overall happiness in their relationships. Of course, a lot of the answers seemed to vary. And that’s because all relationships are unique and different. Each relationship carries with it a very distinct personality and that’s why it would be wrong to just generalize what a happy relationship is supposed to look like. However, there is a pattern to how these couples practice their romance. There are some trends that have seemed to have presented themselves in these relationships

And if you’re really interested in learning what it takes to make a relationship work then you only need to take a look at this list.

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1. Happy relationships always have open and honest communication.

Happy couples always understand the importance of communication in their relationships. They always practice open communication when it comes to their feelings, needs, expectations, and dreams. They always make sure to make their partner feel safe about expressing themselves in whatever capacity they might see fit.

2. Happy relationships are never without their romantic efforts.

The honeymoon period in a relationship doesn’t last forever. And that’s why the happiest couples are the ones who never stop putting in the effort to maintain the romance in a relationship.

3. Happy relationships have couples who are never withholding of affection.

Happy couples understand the need to always maintain the level of passion and intimacy in a relationship. They are the ones who always make it a point to never withhold their love or affection for one another. They will always be open about their deep feelings for each other.

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4. Happy relationships always have healthy and active sex lives.

In relation to the previous item on this list, happy couples will also want to keep the passion and intimacy in a relationship alive by engaging in a healthy and active sex life. Sex is very important to a lot of modern couples. And men have revealed that it can contribute to a happier romantic atmosphere.

5. Happy relationships have couples who share similar values and principles.

Happy couples are the ones who are always compatible. They are the ones who experience minimal friction in their relationships because they don’t really disagree much on anything. They share similar worldviews, goals, values, interests, and principles.

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6. Happy relationships surround themselves with quality circles of friends.

Happy couples understand that it’s important to still maintain an active social life outside of the relationship if they truly want to be happy. Having a group of friends outside the two of you will end up desaturating your relationship.

7. Happy relationships are able to approach financial matters healthily and efficiently.

Happy couples can be rich or poor. It doesn’t matter how much money two people can have in their bank accounts. What matters is how these two people handle their money. Happy couples are the ones who always approach financial matters openly and maturely.

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8. Happy relationships have couples who are constantly working on their goals.

Happy couples are the ones who know that the key to keeping themselves from getting stuck in a rut in their relationships is to always challenge themselves. They are the ones who always set goals for themselves and they work in unison to achieve them.

9. Happy relationships seek professional help whenever needed.

Happy couples aren’t necessarily going to be without their fair share of problems. And when they do find that they have troubles that they can’t fix on their own, they are humble enough to actually seek professional help.

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10. Happy relationships find quick resolutions to arguments and disagreements.

Happy couples are the ones who never draw out fights or arguments. They are the ones who are always so quick to find resolutions or compromises. They never harbor ill feelings. They never hold grudges. They resolve arguments swiftly and they forget about them.

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