10 Mind Games All Narcissistic Men Play With Girls

Relationships can be tricky, especially when dealing with people who like to play games. Some people might seem really charming or exciting at first, but they could be hiding some not-so-nice tricks up their sleeves. In this article, we’re going to talk about those tricks. We’ll look at ten things that people with big egos often do to mess with others’ heads.

It’s important to know about these tricks so you can protect yourself and keep your relationships healthy. So, if you’ve ever felt confused or hurt by someone’s behavior, this article is here to help you understand what might be going on. Let’s dive in and learn how to spot and handle these tricky situations.

1. Love Bombing

At first, they shower you with affection and attention, making you feel like the center of their world. But beware, it might just be a tactic to reel you in and gain your trust quickly. Don’t let the overwhelming flattery blind you to any red flags.

2. Gaslighting

This sneaky tactic messes with your perception of reality. They twist facts, deny previous statements, and make you doubt your own memory or sanity. Remember, trust your instincts and don’t let anyone invalidate your feelings or experiences.

3. Silent Treatment

When they don’t get their way or feel challenged, they might shut down communication completely. It leaves you feeling confused, anxious, and desperate for their attention. But remember, your worth isn’t tied to their approval or acknowledgment.

4. Triangulation

They intentionally bring a third party into the relationship to create jealousy, competition, or insecurity. This can leave you feeling like you’re constantly fighting for their affection or approval. But don’t fall for it; you deserve a relationship built on trust and respect, not manipulation.

5. Projection

Instead of owning up to their flaws or mistakes, they project their insecurities onto you. They might accuse you of the very things they’re guilty of, leaving you feeling confused and defensive. Remember, their words say more about them than they do about you.

6. Manipulative Pity

They play the victim to gain sympathy and control. They might exaggerate their hardships or paint themselves as the misunderstood martyr. Don’t let their sob stories cloud your judgment; true empathy goes both ways in a healthy relationship.

7. Hoovering

Just when you’re ready to walk away, they reel you back in with promises of change or grand gestures. But beware, it’s often just a temporary façade to keep you hooked. Stand firm in your boundaries and prioritize your own well-being.

8. Blame Shifting

Whenever there’s a problem or conflict, they deflect responsibility onto you or others. They refuse to acknowledge their role in the issue and instead make you feel guilty or inadequate. Don’t let them manipulate you into carrying the weight of their mistakes; healthy relationships involve accountability and compromise.

9. Future Faking

They paint a picture-perfect future together, filled with dreams and promises they have no intention of fulfilling. Don’t get swept away by their fantasies; actions speak louder than words, and consistency is key in any genuine relationship.

10. Discard

When they no longer see any value in you or find a new source of narcissistic supply, they’ll discard you without a second thought. It leaves you feeling disposable and heartbroken. But remember, their inability to appreciate your worth doesn’t diminish it in any way. You deserve someone who values and respects you unconditionally.

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  1. I passed through all of these 10 steps and finally won the party cause i always disappoint his expectation of breaking me .. thank god

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