10 Most Common Myths About Men

Are you wondering why you can’t seem to land a quality guy for yourself? It’s because you don’t really understand men. You buy into everything that your girlfriends tell you about men.

You believe that they’re all liars, snobs, and cheaters. You think that they’re stupid and that they don’t really understand anything about love.

You see them as idiots who are incapable of emotional depth and reflection. But that’s far from the truth. Men are capable of great depth. But that’s not the only thing that you got wrong about men. In fact, there are a lot of myths about men that you really need to stop believing in.

1. Guys don’t really have feelings.

Guys have feelings. They just might not be so expressive and open about how they feel. All the time. Men have feelings and it would be wrong for you to assume that they don’t get hurt. Men can be very sensitive.

You shouldn’t be so quick to think that you can just do anything to them without taking their feelings into consideration. They are human beings and they have feelings as well.

2. Guys don’t like to talk about their emotions.

It’s not that men don’t want to talk about their feelings and emotions. It’s just that they’re very scared of talking about their feelings. They are scared of opening themselves up because they are afraid that they might get hurt as a result.

You just have to be patient enough to give them their space. When he’s comfortable, he will open up to you.

3. Guys only ever look for sex.

Yes, sex is great. But it’s not the only thing that men look for in women. Even though men have a reputation for being sexual creatures, they are so much more than that.

Men are also going to want to feel emotional validation from their women in relationships. It’s not just purely about physical intimacy with them. They also look for emotional fulfillment in their women.

4. Guys always like to do the chasing.

Men aren’t always going to want to do all of the chasing in the relationship. Yes, men like to fight for the love of their women. However, they will also want to feel wanted in the relationship as well.

Men will also like their women to chase after them. It gives them a sense of validation. It makes them feel like their women really like them and that they’re not being taken for granted.

5. Guys are never as romantic as women.

Guys can be pretty romantic. You just have to give them a chance to. If you make a guy feel like he’s with someone who is worth being romantic with, then he isn’t going to be afraid to show it.

If you have never tried dating a romantic guy before, maybe it’s only because you haven’t been seen as a viable romantic partner in the past before.

6. Guys are virtually afraid of commitment.

Guys aren’t afraid of commitment per se. They are just afraid of committing to the wrong girl. They want to take their time and figure things out before they actually make a commitment.

They just want to make sure that whenever they do decide to commit to a girl, she’s going to be the right one. So, just give him time to warm up to you. Once he’s sure, he’s going to be in it for the long haul.

7. Guys are terrible at listening.

Guys aren’t terrible at listening. You just have to be saying things that are actually worth listening to. If you just keep on nagging and complaining all of the time, it shouldn’t be any wonder that a man doesn’t like to listen to you talk when that’s the case.

8. Guys only go for girls who are physically attractive.

Guys are known to have the reputation for being only attracted to girls who have beautiful physical features. However, men are so much more than that.

They might be taken aback by women who have beautiful features. But they only ever really stay with the women who have emotional beauty and attractiveness as well. It’s not just about the beauty on the outside.

9. Guys don’t really care about how they look.

Men care about their look especially when they’re with a woman that they really like. When a man is enamored by a woman, he is always going to want to look his absolute best whenever he knows that he’s about to run into her.

He is always going to want to be as physically attractive as possible.

10. Guys don’t make an effort to understand girls.

Guys always put in the effort to understand their women. It’s just that it’s not going to be so easy for them. You just have to try to be more patient and understanding with him. You can’t rush him. Try to communicate with him in the most effective way possible.

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