10 Myths About Relationships You Need To Stop Believing In

Amidst all the chatter that surround relationships, dating, and love in general, so many things end up getting lost in translation. Along with misunderstandings, a lot of random myths and nonsensical beliefs tend to make their way from ear to ear as well. And that’s why a lot of people will go into relationships with certain expectations and belief systems that might not necessarily be grounded in factual reality. And the worst part about having carrying these unsubstantiated beliefs with us as we try to navigate our way through the dating world is that these beliefs tend to dictate how we behave. If we carry incorrect beliefs and unreasonable expectations with us into our relationships, then we are essentially dooming ourselves.  

And while there is no definitive guidebook on how relationships work, we don’t really get the direction that we need to maximize our chances at finding true love. We merely try our best to observe the relationships that we’re exposed to in our lives and we draw whatever lessons we can extract from them. But sometimes, mere casual observations like these can be misleading. Our senses can often fool us especially when we are unable to see beyond the surface of a relationship.

Stay woke. You have to make sure that you always maintain a good sense of awareness and clarity as you get into relationships of your own. The better aware you are of how love and romance really work, then the better the chances you have at actually finding true love for yourself. And so you have to stop being the victim of blatant misinformation. You have to understand the myths that surround relationship and you should be able to do away with these.

Here are 10 myths about relationships you need to stop believing in.

1. Relationships that are meant to be don’t require effort to work.

All relationships require work. People have got to rid themselves of the notion that just because they have high levels of compatibility with their partners means they don’t have to put in the work anymore. A relationship is always going to require effort, dedication, and commitment regardless of compatibility levels.

2. You should be keeping your dissatisfactions and reservations to yourself in an early relationship.

You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up early on in a relationship. A lot of people will lead you to believe that you should censor yourself early in a romance in an effort to not hurt your partner. But that’s wrong. You need to be honest with one another to make sure that bad habits are taken care of immediately.

3. You and your partner should be having sex all of the time.

Sure, it’s great if you and your partner have active and healthy sex lives. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be having sex all of the time. You can’t be treating sex like a chore that you need to get over with.

4. You should expect your partner to always know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

The mark of a good couple isn’t how well they read one another’s minds. It’s about how effectively they communicate with each other. It’s only through real communication where two people in a relationship can really see things from each other’s perspective.

5. Having kids together could save a bad relationship.

A bad and ineffective relationship could be bad for a number of reasons. But one thing is for sure, having kids together certainly won’t do anything to solve any of the issues that are already present in a dysfunctional romance. It would be irresponsible to bring innocent children into a toxic home life.

6. You shouldn’t have any close friends outside of your relationship anymore.

Just because you are both in a comfortable and intimate relationship with one another doesn’t mean that you are barred from having intimate relationships with friends.

7. The mark of a healthy relationship is lack of arguments between couples.

The healthiest couples aren’t those that never argue. They are those who know how to manage their arguments effectively. They are the couples who understand that the manner in which they deal with their disagreements is integral to the success of their relationship.

8. The best couples are those who never get angry at one another.

There should always be room for anger in a relationship. You are both only human after all. You are going to have your share of frustrations with one another. You just have to be able to manage this anger in a healthy manner.

9. You should learn to love your partner’s worst traits.

You shouldn’t accept that your partner has bad traits when you know that they’re fixable. It’s not about trying to change your partner into someone else. It’s about pushing them to become better versions of themselves.

10. It’s okay to get complacent when the relationship becomes steady.

Steadiness in a relationship is not an excuse for complacency. You should never relax and take things for granted just because the relationship is going smoothly.

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