10 “Normal” Things He Does That Are Actually Red Flags

What does it mean when they say that love is blind? Well, the more popular meaning is that you don’t typically factor looks and appearances too much into the equation when you’re falling in love. At the end of the day, you should fall in love with who a person is and not just what they look like.

However, the phrase “love is blind” can also have another more destructive meaning. Sometimes, we can love another person to the point that we become completely blind to the flaws and imperfections that that person might have. For the most part, these imperfections and flaws can be harmless. However, there will also be times wherein these red flags might prove to be too dangerous to ignore.

Yes, you want to love someone with all of your heart. But you don’t want to be blind to all the ways that this person is treating you terribly either. You still want to make sure that you are keeping your heart protected. You still want to make sure that you are keeping your guard up. You don’t want anyone to be taking advantage of your obliviousness and your love.

If you notice a lot of this seemingly “normal” behavior, then it might be best for you to really reevaluate the relationship. You don’t want to be brushing off these red flags just because you love him and are desperate to make things work with him no matter what. You still have to be looking after yourself as well. You want to make sure that no harm is going to befall you when it’s all said and done.

That’s why you want to stay wary and vigilant as you try to spot out all of these red flags that he might be exhibiting.

1. He is always on his phone even when he’s out on a date with you.

He is always on his phone even when he’s out with you. Instead of just being present in the moment and appreciating everything that you are, he’s just on his cellphone instead.

2. He makes plans without first asking you about them.

It’s really tough whenever you date a guy who you just can’t be on the same page with. And that’s what’s going to happen if he just continues to make plans and decisions without making an effort to keep you in the loop.

3. He asks for way too much alone time.

What’s the point of even being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be spending time with you? It’s okay for him to ask for space every once in a while. But if he’s doing it too often, it’s really a problem.

4. He talks more than he listens.

You might think that it’s a good thing for him to be expressive and communicative. But he also has to make it a point to actually listen to you and hear out whatever you have to say as well. Communication isn’t a one-sided affair.

5. He prioritizes work over you all of the time.

It’s always important to find a man who really values his work and his career. However, you also want to be with a guy who is able to prioritize his romantic life as well. You don’t ALWAYS want to come second to work.

6. He checks your phone message history.

No sense of privacy. No respect for boundaries. There are so many red flags plastered all over the place here and you can’t just choose to ignore it. He has no right to be snooping through your stuff just because you’re in a relationship.

7. He points out your flaws and weaknesses to hurt you.

It’s okay for him to police you on the things that might prove to be destructive to your own life. He’s only looking out for you. But if he’s just demeaning you for the sake of making you feel bad, then that’s a problem.

8. He doesn’t voluntarily run errands for you.

Of course, you are a strong and independent woman. You can do things on your own. But the point of actually being in a relationship is having someone you can turn to if you want your life to become a little bit easier.

9. He shows up late all of the time.

He is always showing up late. This is a blatant show of disrespect for your time and how you want to manage your schedule. It means that your sense of time doesn’t really matter much to him at all.

10. He has a tendency to cancel on you on the last minute.

Again, this is another manifestation of the fact that he doesn’t really care much about your time. He doesn’t show a willingness to adjust to make sure that he is able to accommodate you into his life.

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