10 Not So Obvious Signs That Your Partner Isn’t Happy With You

Is your partner not happy with you?

Be very careful to not grow complacent in a relationship. Just because you think that things are going perfectly fine doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. You should always make it a point to maintain a neutral and objective perspective on your relationship so that you don’t blind yourself from any potential issues that need to be addressed. You can be perfectly happy and content with the state of things while your partner may be suffering a great deal without you knowing about it. This is why communication is absolutely necessary in a relationship. You have to be able to figure out where both of you stand as a couple. You have to be able to figure out where your minds are at in this relationship.

But what if you are completely terrible at just reading people in general? How will you ever know that your partner isn’t feeling happy or content with how things are in your relationship? Well, then this article is here to enlighten you. You shouldn’t allow yourself to remain oblivious to the pressing issues in your relationship. You should always proactively be finding ways to strengthen the bond that you have with one another. That is why at the slightest hint of a problem, you have to be able to face it head on. So how do you figure out when there’s a problem? You just have to pay attention to a few signs.

They’re not always going to be so obvious and that’s what makes them tricky. But you have to make sure to maintain a sharp eye. If you want to ensure the success of your relationship, then you have to try your best to always be mindful of your partner’s feelings. Here are a few not so obvious signs that your partner is feeling unhappy in the relationship.

1. They would rather keep quiet than argue with you about something.

Fights don’t always have to mean that you’re in a bad relationship. It can also mean that you’re part of a relationship that is passionate and strong. But if your partner just refuses to engage with you, then that is definitely a sign to be worried about.

2. They hang out with their friends a little too often.

They no longer find satisfaction in your company and they have to seek social interaction elsewhere. Your partner should want to be spending as much time with you as possible if things were as fine as you thought.

3. They exhibit a sudden drop in their desires to be physical with you.

Physical intimacy is a very important aspect of all modern relationships. If you feel like there is a drastic drop with regards to how your partner interacts with you on a physical level, then there is definitely something off about your relationship.

4. They don’t make an effort to prolong conversations.

Communication is always important in any relationship. That’s just a basic truth that everyone should be familiar with by now. So if your partner is deliberately cutting your conversations short, then that is a huge red flag that you can’t simply choose to ignore.

5. They keep asking you for space and privacy.

Remember that your partner is always entitled to some space and privacy every once in a while. It’s only natural for us human beings to be drawn to seclusion every so often. But if your partner is constantly asking to be away from you, then something is wrong and needs fixing.

6. They take up new hobbies without including you.

They are looking for new things to distract themselves from the sad state of things. They don’t want to include you in the process because you are a reminder of how bad things have gotten.

7. They will take their sweet and precious time to reply to your texts.

Your time isn’t precious to them anymore. They don’t care how long you will have to wait for their reply. They don’t see you as a priority because being in a relationship with you is making them unhappy.

8. They will veer away from talks about the future.

They do this because the truth is that they don’t really know what a future with you would look like anymore. They aren’t happy in the relationship and they doubt that it even has a future at all. If your partner were genuinely happy with you, then talks about the future would always be frequent and colorful.

9. Your gut is telling you that something is off.

Sometimes, your gut is your best friend especially when your emotions are blinding you from the truth. You have to learn how to trust your instincts and logic. You can’t let your feelings dictate how you live your life. If your guy is telling you that something is wrong, it’s probably true.

10. They seem growingly disinterested in the relationship.

They don’t put in the effort and time into the relationship as much as they used to. Yes, they are physically present but it seems like their mind is elsewhere and you are helpless to the situation.

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