10 Not So Obvious Signs That Your Relationship Is A Good One

The best relationship.

As they say, the grass always looks greener from the other side. You are in a relationship right now but you don’t really know if it’s the kind of relationship that is worth being proud of. You’re not exactly sure if everything that is happening in your relationship right now is supposed to be happening and I troubles you.

You look at the relationship that your friends and acquaintances are in, and they seem happier than ever. You wonder and think to yourself if the strength of your relationship can really live up to the strength of other relationships. You start to question if your relationship really is as good as it ought to be. Are you really as happy in your relationship now as all of your other friends seem to be in theirs?

Don’t worry. The answer isn’t always going to be clear-cut. All relationships are different and they will all carry with them very distinct characteristics. You don’t always have to subject yourself to the relationships of others. You all have your individual personalities that you carry into your relationships and it would be pointless to compare.

You have different goals and you shouldn’t be looking outside for how you’re feeling on the inside. And sometimes, you’re not always going to see the signs that you’re in a good relationship. That’s because a lot of these signs aren’t going to be so obvious. You’re going to have to actually take a long hard look into your relationship to really know if it’s a good one or not.

If you are still in need of guidance, then this article is for you. Here are a few not so obvious signs that your relationship is a really good one and there is nothing for you to be worried about.

1. You always laugh whenever you’re together.

Maintaining good humor in a relationship is always a good sign. It means that you both genuinely enjoy each other’s company and that your personalities complement one another. As you grow older together, you will find that sharing a good sense of humor is essential in maintaining your loving relationship.

2. You share goals in life that coincide well with each other.

You are always looking towards the future. That means that you don’t really see a future where you’re not together. You have your individual life goals but they never seem to interfere with one another because of how in sync you guys are.

3. You never lose trust in one another.

There is always going to be a semblance of trust in your relationship. You guys always believe in one another and you know that your partner would never hurt you. You are both very confident that your hearts are safe as long as you stay together.

4. You still live your lives outside of the relationship.

Yes, you are in a loving relationship, but you don’t let your romance get in the way of your individual lives. You still have a sense of identity and self-worth beyond you relationship and that’s good for the both of you. It means that you’re not being codependent with each other.

5. You always maintain honest and open communication.

Communication should never be absent in any loving relationship. You should both be as honest and as open to one another about anything as much as possible. You can’t afford to be suppressing your feelings and keeping them bottled up inside until you explode.

6. You push each other to succeed.

You are both as selfless as can be. You are never jealous of your partner’s success or you don’t try to serve as a roadblock to your partner’s dreams. You always push and encourage one another to work harder to find success in life.

7. You still act like a team.

It’s you against the world. You both know that you always have each other’s backs. While you may not necessarily always agree on everything, you know that you always have someone you can rely on to back you up when you’re feeling lonely.

8. You make it a point to spend lots of quality time together.

The amount of time that you devote to anything in life is directly proportionate to how much you’re going to benefit from it. This also applies to relationships. You want to be getting as much from your relationship as possible and so you are both willing to spend as much time with each other as necessary.

9. You have set fair expectations for each other.

You don’t really force one another into situations of discomfort by expecting too much. You don’t ask for the moon. You don’t demand the impossible. You always understand each other’s limitations and you both respect that.

10. You aren’t afraid to have a few arguments.

You know you don’t have to agree on everything and you still know your relationship is going to survive. You won’t mind getting into a little fight here and there because you are confident that your love is going to be able to sustain you.

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