10 Obvious Signs That They Have A Crush On You

Do they have a crush on you?

1. They go out of their way just to get nearer to you.

One obvious sign that a person is truly into you is if they actually make an effort just to get near you and be around you. If someone really goes out of their way just to spend time with you, then it’s fairly obvious that that person really enjoys your company. No one would be going to go out of their way to be near you if they didn’t like you.

2. They find whatever reason they can to touch you.

Physical contact is always an indicator of comfort and intimacy. When a person subtly caresses your arm, then that’s not necessarily normal friendly behavior. If you find that someone is casually holding your hand as you’re walking alongside one another, then you can tell that that person has a real crush on you. Any instance of someone wanting to touch you can be a sign that they like you.

3. They give you food out of the blue.

The best way to a person’s heart is through the stomach and you must already know that. So if you try that a particular person is constantly bringing you food that they know you like, then that may mean that they’re into you. They are looking to gain your trust and your affection by bringing you lots of delicious treats that might warm your tummy and your soul.

4. They find a way to always make you notice that they’re in the room.

They would never be content with just merely being in the same room with you without making you acknowledge their existence. In fact, they would probably hate the fact that they’re so near to you and you don’t give them any attention. If you find that you’re together, you will notice them always wanting you to give them all of your attention. 

5. They really make eye contact with you when you’re talking.

Eye contact isn’t cut out for those who are awkward with one another. But when someone is really looking to establish eye contact with you while you’re talking, then that’s a clear sign that they really want you to see that they’re being sincere about their feelings. They want you to be able to read into their souls and tell what they’re really feeling about you on the inside.

6. They always try to make you laugh.

Hilarity is always attractive. If you find that someone is constantly trying to make you laugh, then it could be one of two things: either they are an aspiring comedian, or they are trying to get you to like them. So if you start noticing is always trying to crack jokes around you, it could only because it makes them happy to see you smile and laugh.

7. They give you more attention than they would give anyone else.

They start to make you the center of their universe. They start to really give you the kind of attention that makes you feel important and valued. Typically speaking, you don’t get that kind of attention from other people. They also aren’t fond of giving anyone else that kind of attention aside from you. Basically, any time you can feel someone is giving you special attention, it would be safe to assume that they have taken a very special interest in you probably a romantic one.

8. They act really nervous and out of character when they’re with you.

Another telltale sign that a person has a crush on you is when they act really different and weird whenever they get around you. They act very nervous and flustered because that’s the kind of effect that you have on them. They start to stutter even though they are known to be quite eloquent and confident. Remember that one common effect of being around someone you like is to act totally out of character.

9. They shower you with attention on social media.

Whenever you post a photo on Instagram, they are always really quick to tap on that like button. Whenever you post a new Facebook status, they are always going to comment. When you upload a new story on your Snapchat, they are going to view it as soon as possible. They’ll probably always Retweet all of your random Tweets on Twitter too. As far as social media engagement is concerned, they never come up short when it comes to you. They are always very quick to make sure that you notice them.

10. They allow themselves to open up to you more.

And lastly, you can really tell that person has a crush on you when they willingly open up to you about things they don’t like to open up about on a regular basis to just anyone. They consider you special and they actually find comfort in your personality.

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