10 Obvious Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Definitely Worth Holding On To

You are always looking for a sense of assurance in any kind of relationship that you want to find yourself in. You want the certainty and dependability that comes with being in love with someone who you know you can always trust. And it should probably go without saying that no one would ever want to give too much of themselves to a relationship that just isn’t worth it at all.

But how do you know? How can you tell? How can you be sure that you’re actually in a relationship that you can go all-in with?

Well, you never really KNOW for sure. Love is always going to be a risk. It’s always going to bring with it a certain sense of uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean that you would never be able to find your peace of mind. It’s very much possible to do so just as long as you know what signs you need to be looking out for.

If you happen to be in a relationship with a great girl, you always want to make sure that you don’t take her for granted. You have to fight as hard as you can to keep her in your life. You never want her to feel like she isn’t worthy of your effort.

And that’s why an article like this is important. It can serve as a valuable reminder of you to always stay thankful for all the great things that your girl does for you. If you have a girl who is guilty of a lot of the things that are listed here, then you should know that she’s an amazing woman. And she is definitely worth holding on to.

1. She always pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

She is constantly pushing and motivating you to be the best possible version of yourself. She is always inspiring you to be better. She truly sees a lot of potential in you. She really believes that you can make something of yourself. And that’s why she always pushes you.

2. She stays honest with you about everything in life.

She really stays honest with you about anything and everything. She never wants you to feel like you have to doubt or question what she tells you. She always wants you to know that you can always trust her whenever she tells you something.

3. She doesn’t act clingy or codependent.

She never acts clingy or codependent. She always wants you to know that she is perfectly capable of standing up for herself. She is a woman who knows how to solve her own problems. She doesn’t act as she needs you to do the heavy lifting for her. She never wants to serve as extra baggage for you.

4. She respects the fact that you have other things going on in life.

She is always understanding of the fact that your life doesn’t revolve around her and your relationship. She really respects that you might have other passions, hobbies, and interests. And she even encourages you to pursue them. She never constricts you or holds you back.

5. You know that you would want her to meet your parents.

You just get the sense that she’s definitely the kind of girl who you can just take home to meet your parents. You know that you would never have to be afraid of what your family might think about her because of how truly amazing she is.

6. She keeps an open mind all the time.

She is always so open-minded. And that means that she’s always so willing to go on adventures with you. She always shows a willingness to explore the unknown with you. She understands that this is essential for both growth and perspective.

7. She allows you to be your true and genuine self.

She always makes you feel like you are just free to be your true and genuine self. She never makes you feel judged or insecure about who you really are. She encourages you to let your light shine because she gives you that kind of confidence and ego boost.

8. She deals with criticism really well.

She isn’t afraid of criticism. She understands that she isn’t perfect and that she can always learn from you whenever necessary. She is mature enough to handle criticism really well and to not take it so personally.

9. She loves you without any restraint or conditions.

She is the kind of woman who loves you without restraint or conditions. She doesn’t withhold the love that she has for you. She doesn’t hold anything back. She always wears her heart on her sleeve and she willingly allows herself to become vulnerable towards you.

10. She stays committed to you and the relationship.

She always proves her commitment and loyalty to you. She never makes you feel like she gets tired of working hard for your relationship.

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