10 Positive Signs That The Man You Love Is A Great Guy

Sometimes, you just need a good reminder of how great of a guy your boyfriend really is. Let’s face it; so many of us can take our relationships and our partners for granted. We often forget that we are in really great relationships; some of us are unfortunate enough to only realize that fact once we lose these relationships. And you sure as hell don’t want that to happen to you. The more you grow to appreciate your man, then the more effort you’re going to put into actually making your relationships work.

They say that you never really notice a good thing until it’s gone. But that’s stupid advice. You must always know just how great you have it with your man. And if you’re going to need a few reminders, then this article is for you. If you notice that a lot of the things listed here actually apply to your guy, then you have to make sure that he knows that you aren’t taking him for granted. You have to do your part in thanking him for being who he is. And more importantly, you have to do your part in being your best version of yourself towards him as well. Here are 10 positive signs that the man you love is a really great guy.

1. He has strong convictions and principles.

You know that he is a respectable man who isn’t just going to roll over at anyone’s wishes. He stands his ground. He fights for what he believes in. He’s really a guy you can turn to if you need some direction and guidance in life. And you will never have to worry about him wavering his principles

2. He knows how to honestly and openly express himself.

He never keeps you in the dark. He is always expressive so that you always know where he stands. You never have to read between the lines when it comes to him because what you see and hear is always what you get.

3. He always gives you a feeling of safety and security when you’re together.

He is never going to feed into your insecurities. Whenever you’re with him, he is going to be so gentle and caring with you; he’s going to make you feel like no harm is ever going to come of you so as long as you’re together.

4. He acts like a true gentleman around you all of the time.

He is never going to be rude or crude. He will always be on his best behavior whenever you’re together. He knows that it’s important to you that he acts like an upright guy that you could be proud of. He always has good manners; and he always treats people with kindness and respect.

5. He lets you take care of him even when he can take care of himself.

He knows that he can take care of himself. But he also knows that you want to be able to have an outlet for your love. He knows that you will want to express your love for him as well. And that’s why he’s going to let you take care of him. He knows that you would want to prove your love for him in that manner, and he’s always going to let you do so.

6. He is a hard worker, but he also knows how to have fun.

He knows exactly when to turn it on and when to tone down a little. He’s a versatile guy who can fit in any situation. He is a hard worker who understands the value of focus, effort, and dedication. But he is also a fun guy who knows that you should never be taking life too seriously to the point that you’re not having fun with it anymore.

7. He really believes in you.

He is someone who really pushes you and inspires you. He is a man who motivates you to be better because he sees potential in you that you don’t even see in yourself.

8. He makes it a point to listen to you.

He doesn’t just express his own personal sentiments articulately, but he also makes it a point to really listen to you when you talk. He would never want you to feel like your opinions aren’t valid. He would never want you to believe that your thoughts don’t matter. He is always going to want to hear whatever you have to say.

9. He spends plenty of time with you.

He wants you to know just how important you and this relationship are to him; and that’s why he’s not going to have any problem with spending a lot of his time with you.

10. He is never withholding of his love.

He will never NOT show you the love that he has for you. He is always going to be kind, intimate, and affectionate towards you. He is never going to be withholding of his love just to play games with you. He isn’t going to play hard-to-get just to see how much you want him.

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