10 Possible Reasons They Won’t Return Your Calls

Save yourself from the unanswered phone calls.

We’ve all been put in this position before in one way or another. We develop a liking for someone and so we try our best to get them interested in us as well. We might even go on a date with them to see if the sparks start flying. To us, we might feel that there is some serious potential here for the relationship to develop into something more real. But we can’t entirely be sure if the person we’re interested in feels the same way.  Things take a turn for the worse when we are left to wait for them to return our calls. We put the ball on their courts and ask if they would want to ever go on another date with us perhaps,

but they don’t call us back. It could be very worrisome and just downright stressful to deal with. The anxiety is so crippling. You don’t know if you should just walk away and call it quits; or if you should just be patient and wait for that phone call to come. You are somewhat invested in this almost relationship to the point that you want to give it a chance but you aren’t so invested to the point that you can just walk away from it whenever you want as well. People are inherently very complicated and complex beings. You aren’t always going to be able to predict their behavior and every situation is always going to be different.

You can’t just generalize and assume the truth because the truth only really lies with them. You want the answers, but they don’t seem to want to give them to you. You just want some closure. You want to be able to know if they aren’t calling you back because of who you are or if it’s because they’re just dealing with some issues over on their side of the fence. It’s not always going to be so simple and there will always be a world of possibilities. Here are a few of those possibilities.

1. There’s someone else in the picture.

You’re just going to have to consider the possibility that someone else is in the picture and that’s the reason why they can’t necessarily accommodate you in their life. It’s not your fault. You just have bad timing.

2. Too many things are taking up a lot of their time.

They might be a little focused on their job at the moment and that’s why they don’t really have the time to call you up and take you on a second date. Or perhaps they’re dealing with some personal issues concerning their families that might be preoccupying them.

3. They aren’t really looking for anything serious.

They might not necessarily want the same things that you want. You have probably made it evident that you’re just not really interested in any flings or casual hookups and that might exactly be the only thing they’re after.

4. You might have intimidated them with your aggressiveness.

You may have come off a little strong and turned them off to the idea of calling you back. It happens. There are just some people who don’t respond well to aggressive and forward behavior.

5. You aren’t exactly what they’re looking for.

As hurtful as it may sound, you also have to consider the possibility that you might just not be what they’re looking for.

6. They are afraid of getting rejected.

A lot of people will be too afraid of getting rejected by someone else that they might end up undercutting that person and beating them to the punch. They will reject you right away before they give you a chance to reject them in the future.

7. They aren’t really sure about what they want in a partner.

They might not really be sure about being interested in you because they aren’t entirely sure about what they want out of a partner at all. It’s an issue that they’re going to have to tackle and deal with on their own.

8. You might have inadvertently done something to anger them.

You may have done something to piss them off and completely discourage them from ever socializing with you. Hey, it happens. We can’t always please everyone. You might have done or said something that struck a nerve with them.

9. They aren’t in a proper financial state that allows them to be in a relationship.

They might not even have the cash to pay for their phone bill and that’s why they couldn’t call you back. Remember that relationships cost money. It’s a luxury that not many frugal people are willing to pay the price for.

10. Their friends tell them to stay away from you.

And perhaps they haven’t called you back because some of their friends or family told them not to. Perhaps they discouraged them from the idea of ever interacting with you again.

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