10 Promises That Men Make (But Fail To Keep)

When you first fall in love and get into a relationship with a person, you always do so with a certain sense of optimism. You always want to think that your relationship is going to last; that it’s going to go all the way. You always want to see the best in your relationship. You want to believe that you both have what it takes to really make the most out of what you have. You believe that you aren’t someone who is ever going to have to deal with heartbreak ever again. You want a man who is going to stick by your side through thick and thin. You want a guy who is going to get rid of all of your insecurities.

You want someone who isn’t going to make you feel judged or criticized. You want someone who is never going to hurt you; whether deliberately or not. You want a real man; someone who isn’t going to be afraid of admitting his love for you – and manifesting that love into something real. You want a real man who you can be a real woman with. And yes, you’re probably going to find a great guy for you down the line. You shouldn’t have to doubt that. But you shouldn’t believe that you are eventually going to find the perfect guy; someone who could do no wrong. No man is perfect. No man is without his share of flaws and blemishes.

No man is going to be without his imperfections. And that’s fine because as you already know, you aren’t perfect either. You aren’t without your share of blemishes and faults. You are going to make a few mistakes every now and then as well. But that doesn’t mean that your imperfections are automatically going to keep you both from having a happy life together. Just because the two of you are going to screw up on your journey towards forever doesn’t mean that you have a failed relationship. You might wrongly assume going into things that your relationship is going to be an easy and simple one. And you shouldn’t make that mistake.

Relationships are rarely ever so easy or simple. You are always going to go through a couple rough patches or so. You are always going to be put through situations that might be a little difficult and challenging to overcome. Your love is going to be tested; and you must do a good job of putting yourselves in a position to overcome these obstacles with your love and commitment. It’s not about how little problems you might have in your relationship; it’s about the manner in which you overcome the problems that you do have.

You always want to believe that you’re going to be in a relationship with an honest man. And for the most part, that’s the truth. He might actually be honest to you a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to break a few promises here and there; that doesn’t’ mean that he’s not going to go back on a few of his vows to you. here are a few promises that your man might make which he has no intentions of keeping.

1. He promises you that he doesn’t take notice of other girls.

Of course he takes notice of other girls – especially pretty ones. But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to make that admission to you.

2. He promises you that he NEVER thinks about his past flames.

It’s okay that he thinks about his ex every now and then. This girl was the most important woman in his life at one point. But he wouldn’t want you to feel insecure about it.

3. He promises you that he’s never going to change.

He’s going to change. That’s part of life. But he isn’t going to want to make you feel like he’s going to depart from the man you fell in love with.

4. He promises you that he’s never going to lie to you.

He’s already lying to you by making this promise to you. We all have our secrets after all.

5. He promises you that he doesn’t judge you.

He does secretly judge you whenever you do something that is weird or off-putting. But he would never say anything to make you feel judged.

6. He promises you that he’s always going to remember the important dates.

He isn’t ALWAYS going to remember all of the important dates. It’s not like he has eidetic memory.

7. He promises you that he doesn’t get jealous of your guy friends.

He does get jealous – but he just might be too proud to admit it.

8. He promises that he is never going to get mad at you.

Of course, he gets mad at you. He’s only human. He has emotions. And you’re not always going to be perfect that you won’t do anything to upset him.

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