10 Proven Ways To Be More Attractive

A good sense of humor is such a massive turn on!

It’s all about the art of attraction when it comes to relationships. You can’t possibly be in a romantic relationship with someone unless you are able to lure them into the depths of your magnetic field of attraction. While there is no universally accepted standard of ideal attraction, there are some common trends that can be found in attractive people. If you want to have more success in your love life, then maybe you can try out a few of the tips on this list to up your game. Be instantly more attractive by just practicing some of the things that are listed on here. Here are a couple of proven ways that people can become instantly more attractive.

1. Stop playing so hard to get.

That old trick in the book wherein people try to act like they’re not really interested in you? Yeah, studies have shown that it doesn’t really work. Data has shown that people are generally more attracted to other people who are actually more open and honest about their intentions. Try to be more forward and slightly more aggressive, and people will really admire that about you.

2. Develop a sense of humor.

There are few things more attractive than a person who has a great sense of humor. If you want to have people become more attracted to you, then maybe you should just let loose. Try cracking a joke every once in a while. You don’t even have to be the funny guy in the room. Just learn to laugh along with everyone else. Nobody likes to be with a stiff who has to be so serious about everything. 

3. Take care of yourself more.

No one likes a person who doesn’t know how to take care of himself or herself. You have to be able to have good grooming rituals. Take a bath every day. Wash your face. Practice good oral hygiene. Go to the gym and exercise often. Eat healthier food. Stay away from junk. Don’t do drugs. Live a healthy lifestyle and just take better care of your body in general. The efforts will show.

4. Stop wearing so much makeup (for women)

Research has shown that men don’t really trust women who wear too much makeup. Typically, men will feel like women who wear too much makeup have something to hide. Men like women who are confident about their natural looks and who aren’t afraid to flaunt their imperfections. Confidence attracts men, ladies. So maybe you should try easing up on the makeup. 

5. Grow a beard (for men) 

Women like their men to exude absolute ruggedness and strength. Try growing a little stubble and see yourself become infinitely more attractive in the eyes of women. The whole baby face trend is over and women want to see their men with beards nowadays. Even all the most attractive celebrities are doing it and it’s definitely working for them. Why wouldn’t it work for you?

6. Stop wearing clothes that are too big for you.

Accentuate what you have. It doesn’t matter whether you have some curves here and there. What matters is that you are confident in what you’re wearing and how you carry yourself. Gone are the days wherein people hide their figures behind loose tops and baggy shorts. Strut your stuff and own it. 

7. Be a kinder person.

Kindness is attractive no matter who you are. Kindness is a universal language that knows no boundaries. Just be a kind and generous person, and you will see that people will become more attracted to you. They say that women tend to fall for the bad boys, but that’s not really true. Women are attracted to men who have pure hearts. The same can be said for men. They are always looking for women who are genuinely nice and selfless.

8. Find yourself a cute dog.

Studies have shown that people are genuinely more attracted to other people who know how to take care of their dogs. Find a dog, treat the dog well, and see more people will start to admire you for it. 

9. Have better mastery of your vocal tone.

It may be a subtle aspect of your personality, but a subtle tweak can make all the difference. Typically men are attracted to girls who have moderately high tones. Women tend to be more attracted to men who speak in lower registers. Just be conscious of this information whenever you start to open your mouth. 

10. Smile more (for women) and be more proud (for men).

Your facial expressions can do wonders for your level of attractiveness. Of course, your face is always going to be the first thing a person see. That’s why whatever you wear on your face is always going to matter. For men, you should learn to exude an air of confidence and strength. Women like that expression of pride on their men’s faces. For women, you should smile more often. Men feel safer and more secure around women who smile a lot. 

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