10 Psychological Things You Can Do To Make Him Commit To You

Sometimes, all a guy ever really needs is a nudge in the right direction. If you’ve been having difficulty with getting him to commit to you, you don’t have to fret just yet. Yes, you need a man to commit to being with you if you want to make the relationship work.

However, what if you feel like he just isn’t ready to do so? Does that mean that you have to passively wait for him to commit to you? Should you just walk away entirely and go for a man who is ready to commit?

Well, you can do either. But there is also a third option. You can choose to take matters into your own hands and just push him towards committing to you. Of course, you can’t really FORCE someone to commit to you. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that you can’t do to somehow manipulate him into doing so.

You still have to be willing to pull out all the stops if you want your guy to really commit to you. And it all starts with brushing yourself up on the various tips and tricks that you have at your disposal:


1. Always keep things really light and fun.

Don’t be so keen on getting things hot and heavy right away. Take a casual approach to it. Keep things light and fun for now. Show him that you’re a great girl he can always have a great time with. Prove to him that he won’t ever have to worry about you bringing in a lot of stress, drama, and negativity into his life.

2. Withhold your interest in him.

Don’t be slobbering and salivating all over him like he’s a precious piece of meat. Withhold some of your interest in him. Yes, you should make sure that the knows that he’s caught your attention. But you shouldn’t let him feel like he doesn’t have to do anything more to try to win you over. Make him feel like he still needs to work on you.

3. Be extra charming to the important people in his life.

Sometimes, it’s all a matter of actually using peer-pressure against him. If you are able to get his closest friends and family to fall in love with you, it’s likely that he’s going to do the same. He will be influenced by those around him to actually commit to you.

4. Get him to feel invested in your relationship.

People are typically more likely to commit to the things that they have invested heavily in. And it’s the same with relationships as well. Get him to really invest in you by asking him to put effort with you. The more effort he puts in, the more invested he becomes. And the more invested he becomes, the less likely he will be to pull out of this relationship with you.

5. Don’t make yourself too available.

Make yourself a hot commodity. As human beings, we are more likely to want the things that we can’t have. And if you make him feel like you aren’t always going to be available to him, it will make him more appreciative of the times you actually give him some attention.

6. Be engaging but maintain a sense of mystery.

Don’t give him everything right away. Keep your cards close to your chest. If you play things right, he’s going to want to keep coming back for more.

7. Don’t be so keen to talk about commitment with him.

Don’t be shoving the idea of commitment down his throat. The more that he sees that you want him to commit to you, the less likely that he’s going to do so. He doesn’t want to have to be told what to do. So wait for him to make the decision on his own; and you can do your little moves behind his back.

8. Plan a major trip or vacation without him.

Make him miss you. Go on a short getaway with your girlfriends and don’t invite him. Make him understand just how valuable he is to you by making him endure your absence in his life temporarily.

9. Put your needs above his for the meantime.

If he’s not committing to you just yet, then there is absolutely no reason for you to be putting his needs above your own. You are still your own person and you don’t have to be acting like you owe him anything. You shouldn’t have to be bending over backward for a man who hasn’t solidified his commitment to you. He’s only going to see you as needy and pathetic.

10. Keep your options open.

Sometimes, you run the risk of scaring a man away by putting so much pressure on him. So, if he still thinks that your arrangement is a casual one, then act casually for now. Let him ease into the idea of committing to you. For the meantime, keep your options open and see what’s out there for you.

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