10 questions to ask your EX to avoid the same kind of goodbye

Break ups are becoming more common these days and most of the time, many different couples go through the same kind of problems and situations which ultimately lead them apart. So what should be done to avoid the common errors made in a relationship to have the next one more healthy and long lasting? The key is to talk to your ex. If you did not end up enemies forever and can still talk to each other then this can be a great idea to have a better relationship. Make sure you get honest answers.

1. What went wrong?

So many times it happens that you drift apart from your partner but you do not know the reason. There is a strong lack of communication and you feel distant with each passing day. In the end, you two just try to finish it because it is not working. Well, now is the time to ask what actually went wrong. Why did you two have so much difficulty in asking that basic question?

2. Was your love real for me?

A straightforward question that will answer so many things all at once. Ask your partner if they loved you truly all that time you we together. This seems unimportant but in fact, it will be very useful to you. This way, if you get an honest answer, you will know how true love differs from the one that is just a fling. So that saves you from a lot of trouble in the future as you will know all the tricks already.

3. Why didn’t you stop me from leaving?

People manipulate you and do not even let you know about it. Ask this question from your ex to know if he/she was really waiting for you to leave instead of taking a step or you got so frustrated due to their insensitive behaviour that it drove you away. This will be handy in the future because you will not regret taking a decision in anger and blame yourself for all that happened.

4. Was there any way to undo it?

This will actually help you to move on. The trick is that when you get to hear from your partner, No, I don’t think there was any way we could save our relation because the boat had already sunken, you will actually feel happy that you did not waste your time on that excuse of a person!

5. Was there someone else besides me?

As much as it sounds like dangerous territory, it is important. Knowing your partner had been cheating on you, you will remember all that sneakiness and the times when you were lousy that might have caused them to find comfort in others. This will help you to not repeat the same mistakes and be a better partner in the future.

6. Do I still cross your mind sometimes?

This is an ego booster. If they still think about you at times, it tells youВ how wonderful as a person you are and how unforgettable you can be. This is healthy for your morale and you make you stop self-pitying and thinking about how worthless they made you feel when you were together.

7. Did you tell your parents about us?

Most of the people have amazing bonding with the parents of their partners. So if you are one of them then you need to know if their parents know about the break up because they deserve to know. It is totally fine though to visit them once in a while if you feel like.

8. Did they actually like your parents as much?

This applies mostly to guys. A girl always (tries to) like her partner’s parents and soon enough, they get along well but it is not always the case with boys. Boys hardly ever try to get along with their partners’ parents because, her dad is too critical of everything I do. So, it is your right to know if they respected your parents just because you asked them to or they really did.

9. Did you see a future with me?

If not then it is clear that your partner was just passing time with you until they found a much better option. You need to know this because then you will avoid those kinds of people and open up to someone who takes you serious enough.

10. What was the worst thing about me?

This is a clear question to know what they hated about you the most. If that is something you really like about yourself then do not pay attention but if you think that that certain behaviour actually needs some modification then why not! It will prove helpful in the future.

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