10 Reasons that forced her to break up with you

Heartbreak we all have been through it one way or the other. It is not a stranger in our streets of love. A million songs written about it, movies depicting it as a lingering ghost. Both men and women dump each other when their relationship is unable to work. However, everything aside, there are no good guys or bad guys in a breakup, just two people who did not work out. It is imperative to keep this in mind when we discuss probable reasons of women dumping men.

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind here is-В Wait, women cheat on men too. There is always more than meets the eye. At times, the women are to blame; other times, the men. There is only so much we can blame on others. We all do things we might not always know why, yet there is always a reason. When one partner dumps the other, no one is to carry the blame alone, both play equal roles in it. It just depends on which angle you see the situation from.

The intention here is not to target men, but simply to understand women’s reasons for doing what they do. Women tend to have a subjective way of dealing with a relationship. Their unpredictability makes their reasons for dumping their partner go unnoticed way too often. So let’s shed some light on a few of them.

1. Where Did The Trust Go?

Needless to say, trust is the backbone of a healthy relationship. If the woman feels her male partner cheating on her, not fulfilling promises or is pretending it makes him lose the card of trust for his woman who will see no other solution but to dump him.

2.В  Being A Control Freak Such a Turn Off

The more you cage a bird, the more it will try to escape. Women are no less of a bird themselves. When men act too controlling in a relationship, it makes women feel claustrophobic, like they have no self-dignity. This forces them to dump the man almost immediately, when they feel like their wings are being cut off.

Some men do it subconsciously but still, it is a major turn-off for women. Demanding too much from their female partners also leads to breakups. Everyone has their limits, after all. Why wouldn’t women?

3. Financial Depravity

When men force their female partners to give them their earnings, it leaves them crippled as to their independency. This makes them a victim to the infamous ‘self-inferiority complex’ not something they can hide under for long so they simply call it off.

4. Sexual Domination

If men sexually dominate women, they will be dumped. After all, sexual independence is as much important as social and cultural independenceperhaps even more so.

5. Ego

Despite their very diverse nature, the element of ego in majority of men, if not all ruins relationships with women. That ego becomes a cause of silence between couples and hence more misunderstandings. Before you know it, she is gone.

6. Lack of Respect

He is just so arrogant, say a lot of women before dumping their men. Lack of respect and common blatancy on the part of men makes them lose major points with women, who like to be appreciated as much as men.

Some men do it inherently, without cruel intention. But still, once the game is played, it makes them lose points.

7. Don’t Be a Closed Book

Being very reserved makes women dump men with a blink of an eye. Only some are patient enough to stick around and force open the pages of a closed book that is men. Due to their reserved nature, men can be hard to understand and not all women like a challenge; some would happily have her man tell her things straight out without her having to dig them out of her male partner. If men are locked in their shells of reticence, women might come to see that as a sign that men are not interested in them. This makes women walk right out the door, no questions asked.

It does not mean men are genuinely careless but just that women like to be told things clear and straight out. It would be nice to simply talk about things rather than have them forced out of your partner all the time. Sure, being a closed book is intriguing. It can also be tiring at times. Women like it when their male partner expresses emotions, raw.

8. I Don’t Need Your Support

As per custom, men are brought up to believe they are the bread earners of the house; they have to be the wall for their women in a relationship the stable ones. On the other hand, women are born nurturers. When men push women away as they give men a safe emotional platform, it definitely makes women feel unwanted.

This feeling of emotional isolation makes women dump men. Accepting emotional support does not make men any less of a man; women would prefer that at times, actually.

9. Too Many Rules

An excess of rules and regulations set by men makes women view them as highly conservative, hence becoming an inevitable reason for women dumping men.

10. Stubbornness

Not adhering to ideas women present gives off a negative impression of men in a couple. A woman will most likely dump the man if this happens.

Ladies, talk to me

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