10 Reasons Why Deep Thinkers Have A Difficult Time Falling In Love

But deep thinkers are the best lovers.

1. They are the world’s greatest idealists.

Since they are deep thinkers, then you know that they are all about ideas. They are always caught up with the contents of the mind. They tend to get preoccupied with the most complex ideas in the world. However, this can lead to them having very cluttered minds. Their physiological systems no longer have enough energy to process emotions anymore. 

2. They would be the first to tell you that love isn’t enough.

They are natural skeptics. They doubt everything because they want to be able to experience and analyze everything for themselves. They’ve seen how love has failed so many people. They have seen so many examples of people who tried their hands at love and ended up losing. They have seen the detriments of heartbreak, disappointment, and betrayal. That’s how they know that love alone can never sustain people. 

3. They try to rationalize their feelings.

They can often talk themselves out of falling in love because of how they analyze their feelings. They don’t really like to act on a whim. They will always try to attack their feelings and address them from a scientific perspective. Sometimes, this can be very irritating to other people and they understand that. But that’s something that they just can’t shake. 

4. They will always rely on their own selves to go after what they want.

They are naturally independent people. These deep thinkers are just prone to acting out of their personal philosophies. They are also incredibly ambitious and they tend to always have a game plan for everything. They are able to map out their paths to success relatively well because of their thinking prowess. That’s why whenever they are looking to achieve something, they just go ahead and do it. They don’t really rely on other people to get stuff done on their behalf. They just like to act on their own accord. That’s why it really doesn’t concern them to not be in a relationship with anyone. 

5. They are damaged and they will use their relationships as a healing mechanism.

The one thing you have to know about deep thinkers is that there are huge holes in their lives that they are trying to fill. They are vert introspective people and they know the areas and aspects of their character that are incomplete or flawed. They are very much aware of their personal vulnerabilities. And sometimes, these flaws can be the source of their greatest insecurities. They will end up trying to get into relationships as a means to fill a void in their life. This may take away from whether they are really invested in the relationship the way that they should be. – Continue reading on the next page

6. They will try to deflect their weak spots by pointing out their flaws.

As previously stated, deep thinkers tend to be very self-aware. They know what their deepest flaws are and they are always able to point out the gaping holes of their character. When they are feeling like they are unable to cope with their faults, they will try to deflect by finding flaws in your character too. This leads to them developing a reluctance to be with people because they are rarely ever able to overlook the flaws of another person. 

7. They trust what they see more than what they feel.

They are more interested in a person’s inherent character as opposed to how a person will make them feel. They will really try to dissect a person’s inherent characteristics and personality over what feelings this person can evoke in them. They don’t really like to react to their feelings much. They like to always be methodical and analytical in their approach. Feelings make them feel very uncomfortable.

8. They have the highest standards.

The deep thinkers always want the most out of life. They think that they are entitled to the best things that life has to offer and that includes love. When they do choose to engage in love, they always believe that they are only deserving of the best kind. That’s why they will always hold their partners to the highest standards. They will always have very high expectations for their relationships and sometimes, these expectations can be very unreasonable. 

9. They are always the most hesitant when it comes to love.

They just don’t like to fall in love because they know that it places them in a situation of emotional vulnerability. When they try to look at it from a utilitarian perspective, the pros of staying single can always outweigh the benefits of falling in love. They don’t want to place themselves in a place of weakness and so they will not want to just dive into love at all. 

10. They have the biggest fears.

They are afraid. They act like they aren’t emotional creatures, but there’s one emotion that they just can never seem to shake: fear. 

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