10 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea for Empaths To Date Narcissists

Please, save your feelings.
There’s a common misconception that empaths are just inherently weak and timid people. The stigma persists that empaths aren’t capable of standing their own ground and are always susceptible to people trampling all over them and their feelings. On the contrary, empaths are incredibly strong human beings who are able to get in touch with their own feelings and aren’t afraid to open themselves up to pain. Empaths are able to see through people and understand their emotions in a way that other people can’t.
On the other side of the coin, this article is also about narcissists. Narcissists are people who are inherently obsessed with themselves. They’re not necessarily selfish or indifferent to the feelings of others, they’re just incredibly critical of their own great qualities. Sometimes, it gets to the point of delusion when it comes to determining their own self-worth. They tend to have exaggerated perceptions of their own value to society.
This article is about how empaths and narcissists should never get into relationships. It doesn’t make for a healthy combination. It is especially disadvantageous to the empath. Here are 10 reasons why it’s a bad idea for empaths to date narcissists.

1. The narcissist might end up leading the empath into a false sense of comfort and security in a relationship with them. A narcissist would never make an effort to make an empath feel like their feelings are being appreciated or valued.

2. Empaths have so much love bottled within them that they feel the need to unload this love on other people. Unfortunately for the empath, a narcissist’s love is largely reserved for his or her own self. In a relationship between an empath and narcissist, love tends to be imbalanced and one-sided. Narcissists will always tend to gain emotional control of the situation.

3. The empath will continue to feed into a narcissist’s ego by validating his or her worth in love. A narcissist will look to the empath for reassurance that they are loved and the empath can’t do the same. For the narcissist, he or she is the star of the relationship at all times.

4. A narcissist will have tendencies to mentally destabilize an empath by uttering harsh words. You’re acting crazy, or you’re being too needy! are common phrases uttered by narcissists towards empaths. These are meant to diminish an empath’s self-worth so that there is more room for the narcissist’s ego in the relationship.

5. Once an empath is mentally destabilized, they end up feeling like worthless human beings who are nothing without their narcissist partners. This is beneficial to a narcissist because it makes him or her feel like they’re important. An empath on the other hand will end up learning of its own helplessness and be overly reliant on someone who refuses to care about anyone else other than himself or herself.

6. An empath may be vulnerable to severe cases of depression and anxiety. They may end up isolating themselves from the rest of the world. A narcissist feeds off of this situation by keeping the empath all to himself or herself. The empath in turn grows more and more dependent on the validation of the narcissist.

7. An empath’s entire world will start revolving around the narcissist. The narcissist will refuse to validate the empath’s worth and that can spell doom for the empath’s social outlook. The narcissist now has the power to control the empath’s joy and sorry with simple comments about the empath’s personality.

8. An empath can only take so much emotional and psychological abuse. They will reach an eventual breaking point and become a different person entirely. They will lose their own identity and lose the very quirks that made them a regular human being in the first place.

9. If the point comes where the relationship ends, both parties will end up being miserable. The empath will be emotionally scarred for life and will be hesitant to open up to any other person in the future. The narcissist will end up losing the one person in life who made them feel like they were actually needed in the world. The narcissist will struggle to find someone else to validate his or her own self-importance.

10. After the relationship is over, the empaths will continue to think that they are at fault. They don’t understand what they did wrong and will constantly mull over their own flaws day and night. They will essentially never be the same person that they were going into the relationship. The narcissists will continue to move on oblivious of the negative impacts that the make on other people’s lives. There will be no more room for improvement in their lives because they think they are already perfect and that they need no more alterations.

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