10 Reasons Why Men Are Scared Of Deep Women

The more depth that you have as a person, the more intimidating you might seem to those who are around you – especially male prospects. You aren’t going to have as easy a time as dense people who are able to appeal to many when it comes to being in a relationship. You can try to go out with plenty of different guys, but it’s always going to get to a point where you become too much for them to handle; where they feel like they aren’t being enough for you.

You might not necessarily understand why this is so, but it’s mostly due to your depth as a human being. A vast majority of men are easily intimidated by deep women. And they tend to not have the strength to sustain relationships with these ladies as well.

1. Deep women ask very difficult questions.

You hate small chit-chat. You hate small talk. You hate having to try to think of random things to talk about with someone. As a deep woman, you crave for real conversations that carry a lot of weight and depth. And it’s these kinds of conversations that can really scare some dense guys away.

2. Deep women tend to stay honest.

Deep women are always committed to the truth. You call things like you see it. You are never one who is known to mince words. You don’t censor yourself for the sake of comforting others. And sometimes, this can be off-putting to those who are too scared to confront the truth about their lives.

3. Deep women know what they really want.

As a woman of depth, you know what you really want out of life, love, and relationships. You never go into a relationship with having your own set of standards and expectations. And you are never going to be shy to demand these things whenever you date someone. However, your high standards can really intimidate a lot of weak men.

4. Deep women only look for deep relationships.

You only ever really look for deep relationships. But you can only have deep relationships with deep partners. And these people are a dime in a dozen.

5. Deep women don’t shy away from intimacy and affection.

Deep women are never going to be shy about wearing their hearts on their sleeves. You are always very vocal about how you feel. You are never going to have any problems expressing what’s in your heart. And sometimes, you can have a tendency to smother people with your love. And not all guys are going to respond so positively to this. Not all men are so mushy.

6. Deep women can cut through all the bullshit.

You also have a tendency to drive away the liars and cheats of the world. As a woman of depth, you find it so easy to cut through a person’s bullshit. You are always able to figure out when a guy is just playing you for a fool. You are so quick to call a man out to the point that makes him ashamed of who he is and what he’s doing.

7. Deep women demand full consistency.

You know that one of the key aspects of making a relationship work is consistency. And that’s why you always demand full consistency from the men you date. However, being consistent isn’t exactly going to be easy. And a lot of the guys you’re going to meet just aren’t up for the task. But you refuse to budge on this. You won’t compromise for someone who isn’t consistent with you.

8. Deep women tend to be very intense.

You have a great intensity about you and that’s all driven by your passion and zeal for love and life in general. That’s how you approach everything in life – especially love. You know that in order for love to work, it’s going to take your full commitment and effort. And that’s why you never want to be slacking off in love. However, the guys you’re with aren’t necessarily going to take that intensity all too well.

9. Deep women only ever really love deeply.

You only ever really love deeply because that’s the only way you know how. And that’s how you think love should be all the time. And it’s that kind of love that you’re going to demand from the men you date. However, they aren’t always going to be capable or willing to love you in the same manner with the same depth.

10. Deep women won’t wait.

Deep women have a tendency of being impatient. You are someone who just doesn’t like to wait around for guys who are indecisive and fickle-minded. You want strength. You demand passion. You crave for commitment. And unless a guy is willing to give you these things up front, you don’t want to wait for them.

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