10 Reasons Why Most Men Aren’t Ready For Deep Women

You ask a lot of very difficult questions.”

You already know a few of these reasons for sure. You are a very deep and insightful woman who has profound perspectives and worldviews. You know that your brainpower is limitless and you have the kind of intellectual prowess it takes to actually make a dent in the world. You know that you have the potential to etch your name in history as a great disruptor and you should be proud of that. But you are also smart enough to know that your depth is also the reason why you can’t seem to do well in your relationships. It’s the reason why a lot of men tend to be very afraid and intimidated of dating you. 

It’s not as if you don’t try. In fact, you put a lot of effort into your dating life. You would willingly devote yourself to any relationships that present potential to you. You would always want to make sure that you are enough for a person. But it seems like you tend to overdo things not with your gestures, but with just who you really are a person of substantial depth. Most men just aren’t ready for dating deep women and here are a few reasons why.

1. You ask a lot of very difficult questions.

A lot of the time, men will not want to answer all the questions that you ask them. You have the kind of depth that forces them to think; the kind of depth that forces them to go into the places of their own minds where they’re afraid to go. You actually force them to confront difficult thoughts.

2. You are very honest and true about what you say. 

You are never one who is known to mince words. You hate feeling like you have to suppress yourself for the feelings of another person. You always like to be frank and honest because you don’t want anyone to misconstrue how you are feeling or what you are thinking at any given moment. You never want to be misunderstood under any circumstance. 

3. You are sure about everything that you want in life.

You always know what you want out of life and of relationships, and a lot of men are intimidated by that fact. They are scared that they would never be able to live up to everything that you want them to be. They are afraid that they would only ever end up being seen as failures in your eyes. 

4. You don’t entertain shallow thoughts or shallow relationships.

Depth. It’s all about depth for you. You have no time or patience for superficial things or relationships. You really don’t like being around superficial people and sometimes, others will call you a snob. But it’s really in your nature to get right to the heart of things. You don’t like to fluff anyone up at all. 

5. You are not afraid of intimacy.

You are always game for showing your intimacy and your affections. To a lot of men, this can be seen as a little too forward and downright domineering. But you can’t help yourself. As previously mentioned, you never like to hide your true thoughts and feelings. You don’t like to suppress yourself for the convenience of others. 

6. You tend to cut right through a man’s lies.

A man would never be able to lie to you because of your wit and your intelligence. You would be able to pick apart their web of lies with just a few questions and they hate that. A lot of men will not want to be with women who have them all figured out. Your intelligence is just both a beauty and a curse at this point. 

7. You are always demanding consistency.

It’s never not okay to demand for consistency in a relationship. And so it’s perfectly reasonable for you to do so. It’s just that a lot of guys will be too afraid to try to live up to your ideals of consistency in a relationship. They will be too intimidated by your standards.

8. You tend to get very intense.

Passion and intensity are natural facets of your personality. You are rarely ever a person or moderation because you see moderation as another form of mediocrity. You have a tendency to become quite intense with your feelings and your thoughts and not a lot of men are able to handle that kind of intensity. 

9. You give love the same way you live your life very deeply.

A lot of men will drown in the love that you give them because it’s just so deep. You have a tendency to suffocate people with your affections and you just can’t help it. It’s the way that you love and it’s the only way that you know how. 

10. You don’t waste time with anyone. 

You are not known to be a time waster. You don’t like to just mingle around and have fun with casual flings. You aren’t fond of the shallow relationships that a lot of guys are into these days. You want something real, heavy, and stable. 

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  1. This points made are so so true. I just couldn’t stop reading them, they are so accurate and on point. Good job.

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