Is Cuddling Good For You? 10 Reasons Why

Is cuddling good for you? Well, one of my favorite perks of being in a relationship is the incredible amount of cuddling that comes along with it. And cuddling has a ton of benefits.

Is cuddling good for you? Check out these common facts.

10. One Of THE Best Feelings

Cuddling is one of the closest and most romantic things you can do to your partner. It is more than just mere Intimacy, it is a comforting message, it tells your partner that you are there for them and they are safe with you in your arms, they are warm, and they are protected. Studies have shown that couples who cuddle more often stay happier and have a better life together because they share a whole new level of comfort and love that not even sex can bring.

9. The Facts Are Right There

Studies have shown that couples who tend to cuddle daily tend to last longer and live an exclusive Life together. Couples who don’t do it are proven not to be private because cuddling is much better than sex if your partner is only interested in sex, and if you ever ask them to hold you, they act weird; it won’t last long.

8. It Ends Cravings

Cuddling is proven to help couples fight their cravings. It can be all sorts of desires, smoking, other bad habits, they all slowly go away when you tend to cuddle every day. When the need for tobacco is fulfilled by being in the arms of your lover, the warmth and love make you forget about your addictions.

7. A New Level Of Communication

Famous therapists have gone on and on about how cuddling and snuggling help helps you get closer to your partner. Because when you’re in the warm arms of your loved one, you tend to be on a whole new level of Communication, it is a way of telling them you’re there for them and you’re in it for the long run. You might even be silent while cuddling, but both of you will be smiling. Cuddle!

6. Best For Busy Schedules

We all tend to get busy with work and life in today’s competitive world; cuddling helps make up for lost time. When you go through an insanely busy day of work, there is no sweeter feeling than to be in the arms of your partner and telling them all about your day and listening to them about how their day went. You can’t get more comfortable than that.

5. Helps End Depression

It is scientifically proven that when you cuddle your partner, your body releases a hormone called Oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy and good about yourself; once you’re in the loving arms of your partner, your body is continuously releasing Oxytocin, which automatically makes you smile and makes you forget all the wrong things. Stay happy and cuddle more!

4. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

Medical researches have proven that cuddling enables you to end depression; the lesser you’re depressed, the more stable your blood pressure gets. And with steady blood pressure, you have lower chances of getting headaches and fatigues and other everyday problems. So cuddle more and stay healthy!

3. You Wake Up Smiling

Once you sleep in the comfortable arms of your lover, you wake up in the happiest state possible. When you wake up happy, you tend to have an awesome day ahead. Waking up cuddling is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, so why wait? Cuddle!

2. The Best Sleep Possible

When you cuddle, you sleep better. Because cuddling helps your body pause the release of a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that releases all the stressful feelings in your body. So by blocking Cortisol And releasing Oxytocin, you are at the healthiest and happiest state possible!

1. Satisfied With Each Other

Studies have proven that couples who cuddle more tend to be more pleased and happy with each other. They tend to trust each other on a higher level, no matter where they are. And they feel a whole new level of Exclusivity with their partners that doesn’t happen with anything else. So cuddling makes you happy, keeps you healthy, and keeps you satisfied with each other, so stop reading and grab your partner right now!

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