10 Reasons Why You Should Be In A Relationship With An Empath

Do empaths love harder?

1. An empath is never going to be distant or closed off from you.

An empath is never going to shut you out. An empath is never going to make you feel like you are unwelcome. An empath is never going to put up a bridge between the two of you. You can always be assured that when you’re with an empath, they are going to want to do everything that they can to get as close to you as possible.

2. An empath is always going to keep things real with you.

An empath is never going to lie to you or be dishonest with you. Even if they know that the truth might hurt you; or even if they know that the truth is going to get them into trouble, they’re never going to resort to lying to you. They see dishonesty as a betrayal of trust, and an empath will want you to always trust them in your relationship.

3. An empath is known to be a very loyal and committed partner.

An empath is always going to stay loyal and true when in a relationship. An empath isn’t going to want to fool around or play games with anyone. They know that relationships can get really messy especially when the people involved aren’t serious about it. That’s why they always make it a point to only approach relationships in a serious manner.

4. An empath is capable of loving with great passion and intensity.

When an empath falls in love, they really fall in love. They don’t approach love with a nonchalant and indifferent demeanor. They never like to engage in casual love affairs. When they fall in love, they really let themselves fall. And they become incredibly passionate about their love too. So when your empath partner tells you that they love you, that’s not something that you can just take lightly.

5. An empath is always going to prioritize communication in a relationship.

An empath understands that the key to sustaining a long-lasting emotional connection in a relationship between two people is consistent, open, and honest communication. They are never going to shy away from having difficult or uncomfortable discussions with you because they know that that is what it takes to make a relationship work.

6. An empath is good at reading your emotions even when you don’t make an effort to express them.

You don’t have to be good at expressing yourself if you want an empath to understand you. They are so good at reading the feelings and emotions of other people just by being around them. They will study your body language, your tone, your facial expressions, and from these things, they will be able to tell just how you’re feeling. They are very perceptive and they are always mindful of the people around them. You won’t ever have to worry about being misunderstood whenever you’re in a relationship with an empath.

7. An empath is not going to shy away from physical affection and intimacy in all forms.

An empath is always going to be up for a great night of lovemaking with you. An empath isn’t going to shy away from affectionate hugs and kisses. An empath is always going to be willing to hold your hand when you’re feeling exposed, weak, and vulnerable. An empath knows just how powerful the human touch can be and they will never be withholding of their physical affection.

8. An empath is an emotionally mature individual with great emotional control.

An empath is often branded as someone who is too emotional. And while that is true, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. An empath is always going to have a good grasp of their emotions; and they will always know how to handle their emotions too. You won’t ever have to worry about your empath partner being an emotional wreck because they know how to deal with their feelings constructively. Even when you don’t know how to deal with an emotional crises, your empath partner will.

9. An empath understands what it means to be heartbroken and having to be stronger because of it.

An empath has been broken so many times before. They are sensitive souls and they tend to get hurt a lot more easily than others. And it’s because they’ve experienced so much pain in the past that they become so good at dealing with pain.

10. An empath is always going to treat people with respect.

An empath understands just how hurtful it can be to be disrespectful. They know this because they’ve been on the receiving end of disrespect countless times before. And they would never want to be a villain in any situation. They would never want to be the cause of another person’s pain or sorrow.

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